Pausing membership query

Hi there,

I can’t afford membership atm and can’t pay the upcoming subscription; have cancelled my GoCardless subscription but is there a way to not have the next fee taken out?

I will rejoin when I can.

Thank you,


Let me take a look, I can refund if it does go out for some reason.


Hi - I’m wanting to do the same thing for the same reason but when I try to follow links on here to cancel my subscription it asks me to login (even though I already am) and then it doesn’t recognise me!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!


Hi Theo,
not sure what the problem is. Our website handles the subscription. Remember that your account for discourse is a separate thing. Your subscription is under my account and then my subscription. Not sure if this link works .
Let me know if you need any help.

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Thanks Karin, those links didn’t take me where I needed to go/I had the same problem logging in as it wasn’t recognising my username but have changed my password and that seemed to do the job. Sorted now, thank-you.

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Perfect. Hope to see you soon again!

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