Shutter not working

Hey i’m the last one at the space and the shutter won’t close is anybody online and have any suggestions? It just pings green and red and doesn’t come down

Yeah sorry I don’t know what to do. I have to get home. I talked to the vanopee guys they close the gate. I’ll be in tomorrow afternoon as well.

So sorry don’t know what’s wrong.

Try again now

i’m already home. I can drive back and close it. I just don’t want to drive there and have it not working. :smiley:

let me check with Andy, he might be on his way already.

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Andy will close it :slightly_smiling_face:

Closed! Will check tomorrow if we can see what happened to the perms…

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Thank you so much guys.
i’m in tomorrow as well.
So sorry about this.

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No worries! Not your fault! Thanks for the heads up!!


Just wondering if this got sorted? At the space now and can’t raise the shutter.

Admittedly first time raising it so could be user error…

We have had some folks shutter access disappear, lemme check!

Try now @Ben_Mahon

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Perfecto, thanks Andy.

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I’m also having issue!

Lemme check! @Maz

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Try now?

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Working now!

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Sorry! A processing hiccup has been dropping people out of shutter, we think we fixed it, but may still be some folks caught out!


Since last time I try it when I arrive :rofl:

yours should work. I just checked :grinning: