The Makerspace social media

Hi. Is anyone actively looking after the Makerspace social media accounts?

They certainly look a little sparse at the moment - and I’m willing to volunteer. I work in digital marketing in my day job anyway so always on there and I think I could do a decent job of regular posts and encouraging others to post their work. And happy to rope others in to share the posting!


Nope! You are hired!

We have instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube… happy to have someone actually post something!! Will send you a PM!


Hi Tracy,
I’m happy to help if you need a hand! I’ve been in charge of social media accounts before (although long time ago!). I could also help with creating graphics on Illustrator or so if needed (I’m an industrial designer)


That would be great Cristina! I have a few ideas on getting content and would be great to chat. Are you in the space often? I can meet anytime (almost!). I’m in marketing but am certainly no designer!

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Nice one Tracy!

Just thinking… with a little gentle permission requesting, I’m sure you could could prolly repost stuff that has been posted to Projects (might be good to ask for permission tho). Bt that’s an infinite source of cool stuff we’ve done in case you run dry :slight_smile:


Absolutely - and I was planning on plain badgering those who are there regularly!