Suppliers Directory - Where to get parts, materials and services

If you are at the Space and you need something immediately, Herne Hill Builder Centre is 2min walk away next to Herne Hill Station on Railton Road. The nearest Screwfix is a 12 min drive to Brixton.

This is a member-editable list of suppliers, other than eBay

Category Subcategory Provider Location Internal Discussion
Electronics Components Rapid Electronics
Electronics Components Farnell
Electronics Components RS (Radio Spares)
Electronics Components Cricklewood Electronics
Electronics Components Toby Electronics
Electronics Components TME
Electronics Components Keytronics
Electronics Components Mouser USA
Electronics Components DigiKey USA
Electronics LED UltraLEDs
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Proto-Pic
Electronics Hobbyist Parts SKPang
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Maplin
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Cool Components
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Oomlout
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Ooznest
Electronics Hobbyist Parts HobbyTronics
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Bitsbox
Electronics Hobbyist Parts 4tronics
Electronics Hobbyist Parts AB Electronics
Electronics Hobbyist Parts ModMyPi
Electronics Hobbyist Parts MeArm
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Adafruit USA
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Sparkfun USA
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Seedstudio China
Electronics Hobbyist Parts DF Robot China
Electronics Hobbyist Parts Linksprite China
Electronics Robotics Technobots
Electronics Robotics Active Robots
Electronics Robotics Zapp Automation
Electronics Robotics Gimson Robotics
Electronics Robotics RobotBits
Electronics CPC
Electronics Scientific Wire Company
Electronics Mindsets (formerly MUTR / Middlesex University Teaching Resources)
Electronics Tindie
Electronics Northern Connectors
Electronics Tools Mega Electronics (PCB production supplies)
Electronics PCB Stensils Seeedstudio Fusion
Electronics PCB Stensils OSH Park (formerly Dorkbot PDX / Laen’s PCB)
IT Hosting BitFolk
IT Hosting Digital Ocean
IT Domains Hover
Services Laser Cutting Cut Laser Cut
Services Laser Cutting Good Empire
Services Laser Cutting RazorLAB
Services Laser Cutting DigiHaus
Services Laser Cutting 4D Modelshop
Services Die Cutting Medway Cutters
Services 3D Printing i.materialise
Services 3D Printing 3D Hubs
Services 3D Printing 3DFilaPrint
Services 3D Printing Shapeways
Materials Textiles Simply Fabrics
Materials Textiles Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Textiles Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Textiles Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Textiles Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Textiles Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Textiles MacCulloch & Wallis in Poland Street Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Textiles Textile old fashioned warehouses?
Materials Model Art EMA Models
Materials Model Art 4D Modelshop
Materials Model Art Atlantis
Materials Model Art Cass Art
Materials Model Art London Graphic Centre
Materials Model Art Cowling & Wilcox
Materials Model Art Hindleys
Materials Wood Moss & Co (rough sawn hardwoods & softwoods)
Materials Wood Acrelane
Materials Wood Champion
Materials Wood Travis Perkins
Materials Wood B&Q
Materials Wood DW Mouldings
Materials Wood Creffields
Materials Fasteners Clerkenwell Screws Clerkenwell London
Materials Plastic Trent Plastics
Materials Plastic The Plastic Shop
Materials Plastic Trylon
Materials Plastic Direct Plastics
Materials Metal Parkside Steel
Materials Metal Metal Supermarkets
Materials Metal IMS
Materials Metal Aluminium Warehouse
Materials Metal Metals 4u
Materials Metal Smiths
Materials Metal Noggin End Metals
Materials Metal Click Metal
Materials Metal Doré Metals
Materials Metal Orion
Materials Magnets First 4 Magnets
Materials Paper John Purcell Paper
Materials Vinyl MDP Supplies
Materials 3D Printing Robosavvy
Materials Laser Cutting Hobarts
Engineering General Chronos
Engineering General BB Engineering Supplies
Engineering General College Engineering
Engineering General Engineers Mate
Engineering Model Making Camden
Engineering Model Making Stationary Engine Parts
Engineering Fixings HCL
Engineering Fixings Westfield
Engineering Fixings A2A4
Engineering Fixings Model Fixings
Engineering Bearings Simply Bearings
Engineering Bearings Davall
Engineering Bearings HPC
Engineering Bearings SDP/SI
Engineering Bearings Belting Online
Engineering Bearings ondrives
Engineering Bearings Bearing Station
Engineering Bearings Evoke Supplies
Engineering Bearings Technobots
Engineering Bearings Transdev
Engineering Bearings McMaster-Carr USA
Engineering Tools Walsh
Engineering Tools Machine Mart
Engineering Tools Amadeal
Engineering Tools RDG Tools
Engineering Tools Dieter’s Fine Tools EU
Engineering Tools Micro Tools DE
Services Anodising Star Anodising
International AliExpress
International Banggood