Suppliers database

That explains it!

I think a extensive database is the place to start, discounts come later when we start discovering them.

It seems like we’re conflating issues by trying to make a database and get discounts, and will slow it down.

That’s a version of what I said.

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I agree with all of these things. We should start with a database and repeat custom and group power may lead to good relationships later

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I’m starting one now with my existing resources as a stariting point.

Just a starting point, but we can try and add more, and also incorporate others:

#how-to is a probably better home for this - replies are disabled in the documentation categories.

Just a note please can people be careful when editing that they haven’t erased someone else’s edits…

@dermot you’ve done this twice now

What did I erase?

Unless we were both editing at the same time?

Before you edit you should take note of the orange number, if it increases while you were editing then you’ve got to merge their edits into yours.

Okay. Never knew that!

Doing it on a tiny mobile.

I was saying for everyone, not just you.

Where’s ‘merge’ ?

Copy the other persons edits into yours

There’s no merge - it’s strictly one at a time. Copy and paste is as advanced as it gets I’m afraid.

Okay. Thanks. Best done on desktop from the sounds of it.


I have a detailed list (10 pages) of suppliers, most based in London but uk and worldwide too where relevant. I can’t see how to attach it?

Clicking on ‘Edit this wiki post’ does nothing for me. Is there a permissions snafu?

Was going to add the can’t-believe-it’s-called-this Toby Electronics, Hobarts, MDP Supplies aaaand… who else have I used?

Yes, this is the one I have! It’s really good, have used many companies/suppliers from it and will add a couple more. I have accounts with all the jewellery suppliers for discount/offers if anybody needs.

Okay, I’ve finished updating.