3d printing questions / feedback

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Hi folks. I’ve been doing a fair amount of printing since my induction (thanks @Conor!) and had some questions as well as some feedback on the current discourse pages.

  1. I loaded the translucent red filament and it was not adhering well, and then after unloading it realised it was 3mm and not 2.85mm. Based on where it is in the space, is it expected to work in the UM2? Is there a trick?

  2. I was getting vertical lines (i.e. along the z-axis every ~cm on the x-axis or y-axis) on some of the faces of a print, and it took me a while to diagnose that it was on the faces that were not parallel to the XZ or YZ planes. (There is probably a less awkward/better way of describing that). My print was several faces that were mostly square, but not entirely, so I was able to rotate it to make it print my favourite face without this issue. The STL was not oriented in a way that implies this is a normal issue, and I couldn’t find anything online, so I wasn’t sure if this was perhaps an issue with the printer.

  3. What is the plan for the Flashforge Dreamer? I’m not competent enough to compare the two printers (though dual extrusion seems cool), but curious if there is any plan for it.

  4. Cura 5 came out recently. I’ve tried it and I haven’t noticed any differences, but not sure if that is an “official” change or if there are any recommendations on 4 vs 5.

Feedback on the discourse pages for 3d printing:

  • None of the pages seem to have accurate information about purchasing filament. 3D Printing Materials Suppliers is linked form the tool page but it seems out of date with dead links. Suppliers Directory - Where to get parts and materials also has 3d printer suppliers that is out of date.
  • The pages also do not note that the filament currently at the space is free to use (or the exceptions to this)
  • The link to the “default material settings” is broken. Is it https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012610379-Material-settings ?
  • The “After Use” section says to remove the filament, but the actual procedure is to leave the filament in there. It also says to unplug the machine, which I’ve also not seen done.
  • The machine cover wasn’t there during the induction, it reappeared, and since the festival I haven’t seen it. I’m not sure if this should be part of the process or not.
  • It might be helpful to have some “standard” print settings for the printer documented. The “normal” 0.15mm layer height is perhaps unnecessarily fine for many applications, so having a default in the software or on the pages would be good to document. I also believe that cubic fill is usually preferable to the default (?) and tree supports are if not a good default, at least something to recommend users investigate. There are so many settings, so I can’t personally recommend any others.
  • A troubleshooting section on the build plate adhesion would probably be good. It was discussed during induction, but not documented, viz. use the brim, and use the glue stick.

no, it should be fine, it’s a very permissive printer.

If you are having adesion problems is either because the filament is old or the bed is not leveled/clean.

A picture, in this case, would be a great help!

it’s there to be used, you can download the FlashPrint Slicer and used it, you just need to open one of the vent side and hang your filament out if is not fitting inside.

Cura 5 hase some engine changes, but nothing you would notice straight away if you never used it.

would be better to cover it.

I mean, that’s for people to figure out, printers are not really ready for prime time users, some degree of self learn is needed…

Do not use glue, you don’t need glue.

The inductions are for people to get starting with the tools, but, again, some self learn is needed.

if you need a source of information the Prusa help guide is great

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