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Hopefully this updated wiki post will be helpful to Member who regularly ask about where to get materials. Any member can participate and edit this wiki post

Currently we recommend you only use PLA filament on the space 3d printer. Please respect this

Ultimaker Filament is 2.85mm

3D filaprint UK filament reseller who provide consistent entry level quality filament and high end filament too and free delivery (free next day delivery when ordering more than 2 spools). Discount code SLMS5

  • The Repraper is good enough but the colours might be limited or not perfect but it’s cheap and good enough don’t worry about the label stating 3mm they do work on the Ultimaker.
  • The filaprint premium for £2 more it’s as good as some of the big brand and the colours are more consistent.
  • A bit more expensive Fillamentum but now we are talking, one of the only filament maker that have assign RAL and PANTONE number to the filament they produce really useful.
  • If you do require higher glass transition material the Proto Pasta High temp material are definitely worth a look
    5% Discount code ask 3dtechs

Global FSD This is a samples filament reseller most filament bundle are either 5m or 10m. This would allow you to buy a small amount of filament to try before committing to a larger amount.
5% Discount code ask 3dtechs

Rigid.ink Really good quality UK “producer” (I put quote because I’m not 100% sure) The PLA+ is trully awesome print almost like PLA but as the strength characteristic of ABS or PET unfortunately glass transition is still around 60ºC

faberdashery.co.uk If you need awesome colours and got a bit of budget I can only recommend faberdashery.
Pros: Cool things is that they sell filament by the meter meaning you only need to buy just a bit more from what the slicer estimate.
Cons: The filament come loose in resealable bag and can be a pain to feed properly.

Colorfabb Suppose to be awesome filament quality, personally never did found them that great and it’s so expensive! Somehow much cheaper from Robosavvy

Champion 3D Probably the quickest way to get PLA filament is to purchase from inside Peckham Levels, SE15 4ST (by appointment only) so call them first 07751599612.

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