Unable to add local laser cutter supplier to wiki


I need to buy some 6mm laser ply

Any help gratefully appreciated


Got 1200x600x6mm for £20.64 collection from south Bermondsey and they take PayPal.

Have you added it to the suppliers list – it’s a wiki page.

I’m not currently able to add this to the Suppliers Wiki.

During my induction-refresher, someone asked for a link to a local same-day laser materials supplier. So I looked for my previous post and thought I would finally add it to the supplier wiki.

You should have access to edit that WiKi. What are you seeing?

I tap the green edit icon in the top right and I get a history window

That’s odd. @tomnewsom, any ideas? – although he’s on holidays I think

Definitely the green edit icon? You should see an ‘edit WiKi’ box after that

I’ll try it:

  • directly in browser
  • on other devices, including laptop
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I can confirm this from my computer.

You can’t edit either?