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About the Members category [Members] (1)
OFFERED: AC-DC + AC-AC Power Adapters [Opportunities] (2)
Together Charity Music Festival 2nd to 4th August 2019 - Textiles, Carpentry... more? [Opportunities] (1)
Build a movable exhibition wall for V&A event(s)- commission [Opportunities] (2)
Job Vacancy - teacher of Computer Science [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: Creative Code Specialist Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Paid once over of a PCB [Opportunities] (3)
Job Vacancy: Digital Manufacturing Specialist Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: Design Technology Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Cambridge Audio is looking for an electronic engineer with Audio experience [Opportunities] (2)
Job Vacancies x2 - Hackspace Community Manager (£36,926) and Hackspace Administrator (£31,770) [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: Web Technology Specialist Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: Motion Graphics Support Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: Immersive Technology Specialist Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Screenprinting services [Opportunities] (9)
Shiver ITV want game designer / app builder [Opportunities] (1)
Embedded Systems Engineer [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: 2x Creative Technology Specialist Technicians [Opportunities] (2)
Job Vacancy: Electronic Design Engineer / Hardware Hacker [Opportunities] (4)
A helping van [Opportunities] (2)
Job vacancy: 3D/Studio Support Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Job Vacancy: 3D Workshop Specialist Technician [Opportunities] (1)
Offered: A0 colour printer [Opportunities] (2)
Opportunity for 5 year creative, cultural and educational use, Camberwell [Opportunities] (5)
CNC Lathing [Opportunities] (1)
Metal laser cutting order going in soon [Opportunities] (3)
Small jobs [Opportunities] (5)
Freedom Seed Bank are seeking an artist / designer / carpenter / maker to design and build an interactive seed bank [Opportunities] (11)
Library of Things is hiring! [Opportunities] (1)
Fixperts looking for FixCamp leaders [Opportunities] (4)