Prusa I3 on a budget

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(laurent_muchacho) #65

220v normal household wire it’s to make the connection as shown on the picture from previous post.

Luckily we got a crimping tool for those spade connector in the space :slight_smile:

More things shaping up on the progress:

All copper bushings in there sleeves (FYI to @dermot & @Vagwin I’ve printed those for you too )

Printed parts in there little boxes :heart_eyes:

dermot & Vagwin let me know how you are getting on with your printing and Dermot frame cutting

(Elliot Duffy) #66


I am not getting on at all. electronoob very kindly lent me his 3d printer, with the goal of printing them at home.

I failed. Miserably. I guess I will have to print them at the space in the downtimes.

Nor have I had time to cut my frame even, but that is much less time consuming than the printing at least.



(Elliot Duffy) #67

And the first session completely passed me by!


When is the next one planned for?

(laurent_muchacho) #68

This tuesday 18/09 :slight_smile:

edit note: thx @dsikar for spotting the mistake

(Daniel Sikar) #69

18/09 will be a Tuesday :wink:

(laurent_muchacho) #70

For the printed part I could make you a set for £15. Otherwise you’ll need at least 500gr of filament and approximately 72H of print time.

For the frame now that the laser is out it’s going to be tricky and last I checked all the 6mm ply had been used. There is a few options, you can follow up the laser thread and get an ETA about when it will be back and when the next material order is.

Alternatively you could order one of this

(laurent_muchacho) #71

For the one coming tonight to the prep session. This is what we can be doing depending on man power.

  • ALU frame
  • Crimping dupont connectors onto stepper motor (I know @Courty bought one crimping tools I’ll bring mine and also wire stripper if you have a crimpint tools bring it along too)
  • Crimping spade connectors and wiring PSU socket and switch (I think I saw one of those crimping tools in the space) anyone got some main 220v electrical wire for doing this would appreciated


(Dermot Jones) #72

What time are you aiming for tonight?

(laurent_muchacho) #73

I want to drop by the house and pickup a few things so the best I can do is be there by 7H.

(Mike Kelly) #74

I will come along, I have a few crimping bits and pieces which I can bring too.

(Dermot Jones) #75

On way now

(Calum Nicoll) #76

Sorry not going to make it in tonight, feeling pretty under the weather. But if you leave stuff to do can do it next time I’m in (especially metal/messy stuff).


(Daniel Sikar) #77

Prusa I3 on a budget critical mass - @Dermot and @dsikar filing and drilling

@laurent_muchacho and @mikekelly crimping

@Calum_Nicoll if you fancy there is one alu frame (in cardboard box on top of filed and drilled plates) left to file. Finns slot into frame such that drilled finn is on right hand when frame is standing and looking from finns’ side.

(Pete Hellyer) #78

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(laurent_muchacho) #79

Prep Session 25/09/2018:

Hi All (@dsikar, @dermot, @Esther_Gladstone, @peter_hellyer, @mikekelly, @Calum_Nicoll, @Vagwin, @david) it will be awesome to meet more of you this tuesday evening.

This week we’ll continue the prep session and the items on the list are:

  • Continue crimping the Dupont connectors on the Nema motor (bring your crimping tools if you have one)
  • Finish filing the last ALU frame
  • Power socket
    – Cut the wires and crimp the spade connectors
    — ideally 1 blue,red,yellow of 150mm (spade connector on 1 side only), 1 red 60mm and 1 red 80mm (spade connectors on both side)
    – Fit the power socket in the in the printed parts (this should just clip)
    – cut the wires that’ll power the printer
    — 2x 450mm of the black and red wire from electronic bench
    – Connect wires and the power socket to the PSU and test output voltage
    – hopefully I can bring all the screws we need to get the PSU assembled and ready.

I think based on attendance doing all this should be realistic.

Anyone is welcome even if you are not doing the build and just want to acquire the awesome super power of crimping :slight_smile:

(Calum Nicoll) #80

Hey gang - what time do we usually start/finish? Hoping to come down tonight but not sure what time I’ll be able to make it as waiting in for delivery for a client and need to do some work when it arrives. Cheers

(laurent_muchacho) #81

Hi Calum,

We usually start around 19H30 and stay until 22H or a bit later depending on obligation. I’ll have to do nursery pickup and grab a few things home so I won’t be there before 19H30 tonight.

Looking forward to see you and all other who want to Join.

(Pete Hellyer) #82

I think @Esther_Gladstone said she would try to come down for a bit, and I’ll attempt to be there later too, but have work commitments until late today!

(david) #83

I’ll be there tonight.

(Esther Gladstone) #84

Yeah, I’ll prob arrive early as can’t stay late. Happy to start on anything I can.