Prusa I3 on a budget

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(Andrea Campanella) #45

Only @Courty have access to the card.

(Paul Court) #46

Parts Ordered, on the way by express !


(Daniel Sikar) #47

Sorry - wrong month!
@peter_hellyer - any sign of the missing bits, aluminium cuts, etc?

(Pete Hellyer) #48

alu bits are all in the space with the rest of the parts, will make sure that the remaining electronics bits are here asap.


(laurent_muchacho) #49

What Peter said ^

I’m awaiting on the rod order I’ve made to test out the quality of the stainless supplier to make sure we can make the best decision so those should arrive this week.

Good things I waited for the extruder to be here before printing the extruder mounting part as I’ve had to make extensive tweak to the printed part and those file have been updated in the dropbox directory for the one printing themselves the part.

The LCD files are also down and ready

And while prepping for Kira birthday this weekend I’ve done the PSU mount and will be updating the dropbox directory soon for those…

Tomorrow (11/09) evening I’ll be in the space and will start to prep things so anyone who can join please feel free.

  • I’ll bring my dremel to make the mark on the nema motor (motor for x,y and extruder need to have the shaft slightly grind-ed to improve the pulley grip)
  • Solder wire extension to the motor
  • And crimp dupont connector if they have arrived

I’ll be happy if we have done the 40 motors by the end of the evening.

The fixings and threaded rod order details will be passed on this week and those are usually delivered in a couple of day so next Tuesday (18/09) it will be time to show off your hacksaw skills :slight_smile:

(Daniel Sikar) #50

Thanks @peter_hellyer
@laurent_muchacho what time are you planning to start tomorrow evening?

(laurent_muchacho) #51

I might be able to arrive at 6pm tomorrow after that come when you can really

(Daniel Sikar) #52

Ok. Will be there either 1800 or 2030 depending on what time I can finish my shift.

(laurent_muchacho) #53

Small update in picture.

The LCD enclosure and mounting plate. For this one I cheated a bit (I mean I took object I’ve used before and remixed them in tinkercad)

The PSU enclosure:

And design in fusion360

The new extruder mount:

(Dermot Jones) #54

I’m heading over now

(Daniel Sikar) #55

Removing AT members, will use android app for timelapsing.

(Dermot Jones) #56

It’s started! We extend the wires on 35 stepper motors and shrink-wrapped the joins…an evening’s work for @laurent_muchacho, @dsikar and myself… accompanied by music from @boldaslove @Jonty_Bottomley and @petra

(Daniel Sikar) #57

Live music! :slight_smile:

(Mike Kelly) #58

Great stuff! When is the next session, I will try to make it along.

(laurent_muchacho) #59

Next session will be Tuesday 18th

(Paul Court) #60

Electronic JST Connector kit and tool arrived - will bring to the space on Thursday


(laurent_muchacho) #61

Did you mean Dupont connector?

(Paul Court) #62

Whichever you gave me the link for ! :smile:


(laurent_muchacho) #63

We have socket similar to this one

Is the wiring correct on the picture?

Anyone got some main power cable we can strip to make those connection I’ve got a few (to the despair of my wife I usually scavenge cable from thrown away stuff in the street) but more will be welcome

(Calum Nicoll) #64

What current? Might have some