How To Claim Expenses and submit receipts for reimbursement

Note: We do not have firm guidelines for what can and can’t be claimed for, so please check with @directors before spending your own money or risk having your claim turned down. Most areas of the Space have their own monthly budgets which the relevant techs have access to, so they should be the first point of contact if consumables are needed. However if we’re out of something low cost and obvious then please buy it –

It’s important to follow the format as laid out below – it creates a searchable folder in our inbox so previous transactions can be easily found. This is essential for bookkeeping, and useful for checking where previous supplies were bought when we need to reorder

How to claim back expenses and submit receipts:

Claim back expenses by sending an image of the itemised VAT receipt here:

Include your bank details if you’re making a claim for the first time

In the email subject line please include the following details, each separated by a comma:

  • date of purchase – in dd/mm/yy format
  • the amount
  • what it’s for
  • where it was spent
  • and whether it’s a claim or lodging a receipt from a prepaid card

For example:
18/04/18,£1.34, Woodshop consumables, Screwfix, Prepaid
04/05/18,£24.99, Toilet rolls, Costcutter, Claim

The format with commas is so that it can easily be transferred into a .CSV file for our bookkeeping

Ebay and Amazon are notoriously hard to get VAT receipts/invoices from – in this case HMRC will accept ‘proof of purchase’ such as order confirmations

Thanks for your cooperation in this

If you have bought something for the space as a gift, there is no need to submit receipts. This procedure is purely to document all official expenditures for the tax man