The state of the Electronics benches [aka random stuff left on them]

My proposal. Lets get the benches as we would like them (which will take a little bit of time to do), then take a photograph of them in pristine state with everything where it should live
and put the picture up near the benches.

I’ve seen this work in a busy hostel in spain.


I appreciate the honesty , I think that this is the issue more common, I want to believe that everyone at the space want to have a good attitude about the shared space :slight_smile:

Very good idea.I’ve done this for my kitchen to remind me just how lovely it can be😂

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Hi Andrea, thanks. Most members respect the space so once it’s sorted it’s about upkeep and looking at the photos for reference. It’s a very impressive area.

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Get me some more ply and I will fix it :wink:

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I bet is your answer to many problems :stuck_out_tongue:


Most problems


What to do about tools & component storage is a frequent discussion between myself & Joe & others, continuing the construction of the electronics space. Yes we have benches thanks, mostly to Joe but the project is far from finished so in the meantime it’s necessary to put up with tools in bags etc. That’s where they go at the moment. It’s up to users to put stuff back where they got it. If people look after their own mess everything will get better bit by bit as it has been doing. It’s a shame that as soon as the benches appeared so did the mess on them and it’s not fair on other users.
The stuff Jackie is talking about is not a problem. It’s a neat temporary storage system in no ones way. Before long it will be a better solution made out of plywood !


Have now found 8 sliders so we will be in business soon

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components for open scorce (sharing) is a great idea clearing up after yourself is a good habit I was a volunteer
at Oxfam electrical no could leave until the benches were cleared
linbins are the industry standard i can get some if you want


linbins on a wall hanging sheet would be very good. Think you can even get lids to keep the dust out


Do we have the wall space, though?

How about the electronics evening all about organising?

What I mean is 1 evening, soon, not about making but sorting the components in batches which will indicate the type of storage required. I’m happy to help, electronics are a vital part of Maker Space. The new beautiful benches = new beautiful storage system for sure!

One thing I think needs to be done with some urgency is to sort out the test leads. We need some way to store them. Test leads are usually kept against a wall, dangling from slots cut into a wooden rack. I think there is a space on the back of one of the benches where such a rack can go. We can make up for the lack of width by making a deep rack. There should be room for plenty of test leads.

I think also we do not have enough test leads of all types. We have plenty of crocodile-to-crocodile leads (although these tend to have an incredibly cheap and nasty slippery insulation which makes it very hard to open the clips with). There should also be plenty of banana to crocodile, banana to banana, and banana to test hook.

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Does someone have home some temporary small boxes to use for start to sort out various component/ material? I’m going to be in the space tonight btw.

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If any storage needs buying, please do so and submit a reimbursement claim:

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To avoid wasted time and for clarity can I just check that @electrotechs are on the same page as @Howard and @joeatkin2 regarding storage in the electronics area? I know there more construction planned on the benches, how does this fit in with component storage?

I would follow @joeatkin2 and @Howard ideas I was just looking for small cardoard boxes to start to sort out things and then move the stuff in their final places , in this way we can have an idea of how much space we need…


Will try to make a start today