Screenprinting Update!

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Darn, some tradeoffs there…how about essy to use for beginners and lasts 5 years on the shelf :joy:

The smaller containers of emulsion are only £15 or so, if it needs replacing not a huge deal… will see how the usage pattern emerges…

@LisaP is in this Sunday to see what we need to get up and running. She has been screen printing every week for the past few years. I think the experience will prevail here

Also while we were cleaning up we found this, anyone know what it might be for?

Particles for the sand blaster.

Hi Andy

thanks for this.

is there a real possibility to get some basic materials in for SLMS/Dulwich art fair? i really want to have it ready, even with the basics, so we can advertise this area as a lot of interest was shown last year regarding screen printing. I don’t want to miss this opportunity.


90T screen for paper

primary colour inks

ink medium


screen wash and de-greaser


I’m happy to source these asap but need funds released. approx max £150

would appreciate immediate action on this.



Hi Lisa,

Yes, that sounds good, either go ahead and order what you need (up to approx £150) and submit expenses, or send me the links and I can order it, but let me know if it will be much more…


Hi Andy
I have been busy shopping for basic screen printing start up. Got one more delivery then I will send you receipts for expenses.

See you soon.

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Great, thanks!

Hi, new to the conversation, but I have been given loads of inks, some mediums and some old screen which I think are 70T (but will need to double check) which I am happy to donate. Only problem is they are at my studio in Lewisham and I cant drive, but can send pics to see if they’re of any use?

I was also wondering whether we can print transparencies at the space?

Nice! I bet we can use some of that - but will defer to @silkscreentechs

We can arrange a pickup if they say yes…

We are ready to go with screenprinting as soon as metal moves to arch 2

We can print transparencies up to A4- once we have the area up and running we can look at larger formats but have been unable to keep inkjet based printers going in the past because of lack of use…

Transparencies are a no unless someone finds/donates a large format printer. The previous one languished, got clogged and ended up being thrown out. For the time being it’s go to a repro shop for those.

As for inks, yes as long as they’re actually still good. If they’re water based ideal, anything solvent based we need to work out an actual setup for cleaning and disposal first.

Unrelated to this but me and Joe went over the bed and it needs both mechanical and electrical work.

Can someone, (Joe already has 50 make the space projects :slight_smile: ) take this on? @scythian? @danielbenton? anyone else interested ?


Hi All

Yes please send pics Eleanor. I live near Lewisham so could possibly collect.

Only water based acrylic inks please.

Inlet printer is a must tbh. If anyone wants to do A3 they’d have to bring their own prepared acetates.

Also, any possibility of photoshop being added?

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I’m away until late June, sorry

No worries!

Hi Andy

Any news on metal works moving out of arch 1? I’d really like to get screen printing up and running very soon!

Yes! Lots of progress getting metal area prepared for the move! See here:


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I know we’re still in move the metal shop space but my friend who is a screen printing tech at the LCC by the elephant just sent me this:

Hey, they’re getting rid of some stuff in here - massive exposure unit, backlit washing booth, and something to hold up screens for coating’

Apparently they might be getting rid of more stuff and the school is moving (boo) soon so there may be a chance to grab even more, hopefully including some drying racks.

Going to go and have a look tomorrow or early next week and see what there is, do we think any of it might be useful?

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Cool! Yea take a look, up to you and @LisaP as to what we can use, but drying rack was on the list iirc.

Definitely!! We need drying racks. But anything that will be of use should be snapped up!
Things like squands, squeegees, screens, etc.

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