Phase 1 Lighting

II’ve made an executive decision. The lights are going up a tiny bit more to the left (walkway) than the layout diagram suggests as the curve of the roof makes it weird and the electronics benches can run lamps easier. We’re talking 30-50cm here

The layout was not to scale, frankly those lamps are probably 1-3 ft longer in the drawing than reality, as long as it looks good and serves the area with light it should be fine!

Think I found the wire. Stainless steel 1.5mm?

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Yes, you’ll need the crimps and a crimper too, also don’t forget to use heat shrink over the scragy ends

Crimps I’m about to buy at screwfix. Crimper. Hmm to find. Shrink wrap. Sheesh. Ok I’ll look :slight_smile:

We have a Gripple tool in the snug. But not sure about Gripples…saw a couple. Very useful, but not if you don’t have them

There was one a while ago, but then I have a vague memory of someone showing it to me saying it was broken.

The tool?

yep. I’m afraid I can offer no more clarity than that, it was a while ago, and dementia has hit me early.

Now I think of it: the tool is for straining the wires, for hanging lights it’s not needed. Screwfix will have something suitable. The ones with little nuts on are useful in situations where you need to make minor adjustments before final fix.

Can someone please order two of these

So I can correctly install the lights as a suspension.

Everyone relax on the tool I used a good hammer and brute force

yes, what are they?

The bit, that according to instructions and website, allows for cabin suspension. There is no hole in the back of these lights. This small wire thing goes into the clips at the back

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Buy some and we will reimburse you

Wishing I had just done this all with chain. But pressing on. I’ll buy them now

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I think it was agreed they will need rehanging, so maybe use chain, because that wire has left them skewed, they need leveling properly at some point.

Rehung with chain and correct brackets from Thorn.


Looks good