Hello, I'm Luke!

Hey (new) team,

I’m really excited to be a member and join the SLMS team and get stuck into some projects.

I’ve got a rough woodworking background as my father is a builder, I can sew basic things (have made driver head cover for my club, a hoodie etc) and like to cycle a lot so will be looking to use the space to upgrade/modify some bike projects. I also like photography but am yet to master it so will be keen to speak with others.

I’m keen to learn and help where I can so feel free to message me.


Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you at the space.

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Hey Luke! Welcome!

We are looking to do another Bike meetup soon! Here was the last one:

We have a good set of tools and a nice stand, so great place to do those upgrades / projects!:

Any weeknights that are better/worse for you in case you want to join!?


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Hey Andy, Cheers for the message. At the moment I can do most nights except for Tuesdays so pretty free.

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