Bike Repair & Maintenance Meet-up!

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Come to the South London Makerspace Bike Repair Meet-up!

Have you been meaning to tune up your bike? Got one sitting in the shed and it needs something to be road-worthty??

Come! Bring your bike and any necessary spares and let’s get them all fixed up together and have some repair fun!

Date: Tues, March 1st, 2022
Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM (ish)


Ooohh, that sounds great!! I got a few cans of muck off for the bike maintanance shelf the other day… I’ll join as I totally have a bike to fix!


Nice!! I will be there today :slight_smile:
I won’t be able to take my bike, but I am happy to just watch and learn how to do it

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Hi all!

I am running late, be there 7:30!

Looks like the shutter is open, so see you soon!

One bike done!

Brakes adjusted
Fender mount fixed
Chain lubed

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Another done!

Front and rear brakes adjusted
Shifter adjusted - chain was off by one whole gear!
Chain lubed

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And another:

Chain lubed
Checked over

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Rare dual cross brake levers!

Brake from two different positions!


That was fun and we should do this again!
Let us know If anyone/you would like an event rather soon and I’m sure we find a date.


Didn’t get to work on my bike, thought I’ll start when people arrive but that didn’t work out.

If i don’t fix my bike by the next one, I’ll join.


Ready for next time!!!

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This looks great!

I am currently looking into getting some safety gear and accessories for my bike like reflective stickers and spoke reflectors.

If other are interested we could get some together and share the cost. They usually come in bulk so it much cheaper that way :slight_smile:

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Im happy to pencil in another date, I might have not been that honest about hte amount of work I have to do on my bike(s). The one Im riding now is borrowed because my longer distance bicycle needs to have ball bearings in the bottom bracket changed, I have been postponing it, somehow. Then I have a folding bike for zipping to shops locally or on train, which I mended really nicely, then got it out and got a puncture. All before we were moving flats, so most of my bicycle fixing endeavours undertook a defenestration.

Im trying to say. I will be there next time unlesss its a Wednesday, Im generally free other evenings.

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