Getting Drum Sander for the Space - Pledge Post

@woodtechs I’ve heard a few people asking if we can get a drum sander for the space, What is the likelihood / procedure to move this forward. I’ve seen some DIY ones online that appear to be quite a bit cheaper as well which could be an option


DIY tools are complete non starter, many people have tried all have failed.

If we find a good one at the right price why not as we’ve now got a little bit more space



I suppose my next question is, what exactly would we classify as a good one, and what is a ballpark for the right price.

The cheapest I can see (new) is the axminster open sided steel brush

Next up we have the axminster professional drum Sander, I very much prefer the look of this one to the one above, it can do much wider and is sandpaper not Steel brush

Another option would. E the Jet Jwds 1020

Then we have the Laguna 16-32 super max

Jet Jwds 1632

And finally we have the big fella, Jet Jwds 2244osc-m

Used :

I am by no means an expert in any of these but above is a range prices from £750 - £3.5k

I am happy to scower the net to find an appropriate one, I just need to know price and key specs we would be looking for

Thanks for this Paul. We would need a robust machine to ensure it remains operational. I think a survey to understand members interest and uses would be a good first step in deciding the type and size of machine to look for.

My thinking is it’ll help members sand endgrain, flat resin projects, finishing long boards of timber and handling anything too wide for our thicknesser.

There are a few tools we’re looking at getting, perhaps I’ll add them to a survey and members can express interest on everything? I’ll stick up something later this morning and we’ll go from there. :slight_smile:


Sounds good,

My wants for it are end grain and things too thin for our thicknesser

Let me know if I can help


Here is a example

It’s me so it could be second-hand heavy iron all day long

How we have done the sort of thing of the past if you managed to persuade the space to buy one that’s all good but it might take years.

Equally if there is loose agreement that we want one and and say nine members chip In £100 and go and buy this machine and it turns up up odds are we’ll find a home for it.

That’s how we required more than 1 or 2 tools in our Arsenal


Yes to this!

Also, yeah we have done successful pledge drives before to get new kit, the bike stand, even owning the laser etc…



You know what would be awesome people???

A drum sander!!!



I have found the following used drum Sanders


£500 - iTech MS3156 550mm drum sander + abrasive rolls (6 days left)

£720 - Axminster Trade AT406DS (6 days left)

If you think any of these are worthy I’m happy to start a pledge drive and try to get one for the space. I feel there are plenty of members who want this in the space, and if we also explain to all the people who want to put the end grain chopping boards in the Thicknesser that the device that they saw the people on YouTube use was actually a drum sander (thickness sander) and not a thickness planer, we’ll have even more :grin:

Go for it Paul, see how much interest you can drum up and once we have a figure in mind, we can see which machine best serves our needs. This isn’t a commitment to a contribution from Woodtechs yet, but if we can find people that are interested, we might not need to get a matched donation. I’ll start and give in £20. If you can start pledge page and keep track of who is contributing what.

We’ll sort the logistics out at a later date around collection and what not, but let’s get this thing moving and see where we get to.


Not a member yet but happy to add a further £20 if that is allowed.


Here is a Wiki post for the pledges:
Edit this post and add your contribution…

@Ryanf - £20
@crafty_creator - £20
@asander1 - £20
@Julia - £20 £50
@smjmaker - £20
@Kyle - £20
@PReardon - £50 (I really didn’t enjoy my Sanding experience)
@Joeatkin2 -£50
@TomA - £20
@mbg - £50
@Amit_Kohli - £20
@Geraetefreund - £20
@mjadczak - £50
@Sean £10

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Thanks guys, I’ll contact the sellers

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I have upped mine to £50 and will use money coming in from inductions to help pay for it. Keeps the money in the space :grinning:


Using induction money to bridge the gap was something I was thinking too :grin:

I have reached out to one of the sellers to see if we can get it, I look forward to Sanding things using a drum soon :grin:

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adding another potential, although I suspect this will go well above £1k:

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That looks nice

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We’re £100 short plus transport to getting the first one for £450. I think we should look into transport to get it, not sure who would be willing to do it.

Have any of the others said anything Paul? I contacted Dennis and it’s still available.

I am happy to drive down there with someone else if we can cover transport costs. Zipvan hire should be about £50. @PReardon road trip? :grinning:

Also, maybe the price is negotiable?

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@Julia this was my plan, happy for the road trip

@Ryanf noone else has contacted me but I was thinking of trying negotiate him down / throw in extra money to cover it.

When I contacted him he said that it was quite heavy (circa 900kgs and they have a forklift to lead it) and given Ute’s aren’t so prevalent here not sure about the logistics.

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