Appreciation thread

(Tariq Maruf) #41

Thanks to @naxxfish . Great induction

(Chanelle) #42

A massive appreciation shout-out to all those that continue to do a small amount and large amount to contribute to the space from clearing away after yourself, clearing away after others helping to build areas when it’s not your tech role, building for the space when it is your tech role, putting your dirty dishes and cups in the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, making someone smile when they were feeling pretty shit. Just because you don’t see your name on the appreciation thread don’t think we don’t appreciate you!

(unknowndomain) #43

I did a big clean up at the weekend of the kitchen, sink, worktops, splashback, and dish washer, not sure why but lots of broken glass around?

(Dermot Jones) #44

Thanks to @lewisss for stepping into the breach and handling open evening last night after host had to cancel.

(Rich Maynard) #45

Massive thank you to the super generous @Barnaby_Coote for the keyboard. You’ve made a six year old very happy, and hopefully inspired him to keep learning.

We’re going to pass his old keyboard on to someone at his school, so that’s two young musicians you’ve helped out.

(Dermot Jones) #46

Appreciating Paul (@boldaslove) for being thoughtful and helpful:

(Neil Thomson) #47

Another one for @boldaslove for the garden, sitting here drinking coffee (covfefe?) admiring this little oasis in a sea of concrete. :raised_hands:

(PaulY) #48

Spot the difference from this morning…

There’s an old gardening saying that nature loves a vacuum, apparently it loves a cauldron too (Could be repotted if need be).

(Beth Slater) #49

Thanks @boldaslove, the Lilly is in full bloom and makes me smile.
Thanks @unknowndomain for All the system guides going up. I’m definitely someone who needs instructions.

(Rich Maynard) #50

Thank you @Dermot for the treadmill that I have turned into a parts tumbler!

FREE: Roger black AG-12301 Silver medal treadmill

(Elizabeth Joseph) #51

Thankyou to @StudioNelle for being helpful and supportive over the past few weeks when I needed to do some laser cutting. You are appreciated!!

(Sarah Jones) #52

Thank you to @unknowndomain for making and putting up labels for the bins, ending years of confusion and puzzlement with some very neat signage.

Thank you to @afshind for organising the hand tools get together and to @AndyPaine for sharing his encyclopaedic knowledge and passion for hand planes with the group. It was a really interesting and educational afternoon!

(Sarah Jones) #53

Thank you to the @woodtechs and everyone who has helped to build, maintain and organise the wood workshop. It’s awesome and I love it. I hadn’t been down for ages until today and was reminded all over again what a great space it is.

(Afshin Dehkordi) #54

Thank you to @Esther_Gladstone and @Beth for the lathe induction. We started 7.30 and finished 11.30pm,…dedication! Really appreciate giving so much of your time to run the induction.

(EdwardBilson) #55

Thanks @afshind for dealing with the towering pile in the woodbin which I discovered when I got in this morning - I was dreading having to deal with it this week!

(Pete Hellyer) #56

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(Pete Hellyer) #57

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(Dan Le Blanc) #58

I’d like to thank @Esther_Gladstone for the excellent wood lathe induction this weekend. That was a big chunk of your weekend you gave up for us to get familiar with the techniques! I’ll try to get my first turning project started this week and post some pictures :grin:

(Afshin Dehkordi) #59

Big thank you to @CriticalTolerance for helping me straighten and square timbers on the table saw, thicknesser and planar.

(Daniel Sikar) #60

Sort of off topic but I’d like to thank @Calum_Nicoll for running [MIG Welding] [Training] at the LHS.

Mig welding workshop at LHS