Appreciation thread

(Neil Thomson) #21

When did you take a picture!? Let’s get a shelf above and some better storage underneath, any one want to make a spice rack?

(Chanelle) #22

hahaha whilst you was moaning about me not being appreciative of your cleaning efforts :smirk:

is this a terrible idea? We have a load of steel sheet no? We can add magnets to jars.

(Sarah Jones) #23

Thanks to whoever got one of the wood benches clear and left it tidy. I like its new position and it was lovely to find it all ready to use this afternoon.

(PaulY) #24

It’s the little things that count

(PaulY) #25

While I’m at it!

(PaulY) #26

Just an average Wednesday afternoon in the space…

(Neil Thomson) #27

Mad props to @frasco for the numbers on our post box.

Big up to who ever put up the post box!

(Toby Harris) #28

Quite wonderfully, that is not the Makerspace I knew!

(Frank Scott) #29

Props to whoever made the cover for the vinyl cutter!

(Tariq Maruf) #30

Appreciate the flower bed. We can have a whole host of plants and trees. Sunflowerrs?

(electrotech) #31

respect to the dude who round up the troops to get the rubbish moved last night.

(JK) #32

The Biggest Appreciation I love and saw yesterday is to @emuboy who has the patience of a saint and the tenacity to make it through the bazzling task of sorting the Electronics Bench out.

You’ve made it even more magnificent Andrea :smiley: thank you.

(Andrea Campanella) #33

I made it because I love the Makerspace and the people who are around it , for the first time in many years I feel that is a place were I can find people “like me” :slight_smile:

(JK) #34

Yeay! Am very happy to hear that Andrea. As you know I love your lovely wife and daughter too Jxox

(JK) #35

Thank you @SarahJ for so much fun helping you and your son creating your Lego table for ‘The Forest Moon of Endor’.

You have inspired me to paint again, here’s the first scrumble of paint …

(Sarah Jones) #36

Oh that looks fab, well done! And a massive thank you to you for your help with our project and for being so generous with your time, expertise, paints and materials! William is thrilled with his Lego table & was telling his grandparents all about it on the phone this evening. :slight_smile:

(JK) #37

It was a pleasure :hugs:

(Andy Paine) #38

Thanks to @boldaslove for doing a load of tidying/sweeping/mopping today. And @lewisss for doing the wood scraps and bins.

(Tom Hedges) #39

Yes - thank you @boldaslove!

(Andy Paine) #40

Props to @naxxfish who is churning through the backlog of laser inductions at record pace