Appreciation thread

I thought I’d start an appreciation thread to acknowledge and thank @members hard work


This afternoon the kitchen and toilets were spotless!!! Thank you :dizzy:


love this idea!

  • the knitting machine looks great. i cant wait to try it out.
  • the metal working area is looking great too. @frasco (and others I’m sure) has been putting a lot of great work into that. Thanks Frank!

That was me. Thank you for noticing and for the thank you! :slight_smile: I got us some canisters for the herbal tea and some new mugs too.


Yes I saw! Thank you!

This is the kind of positiveness that should always be in discourse!
Great idea!
And well done to all of us, New and old! An amazing place has been built! AMAZING under every aspect!!


I like this!
And think it’s very fitting that someone who said we should have an appreciation thread is now this weeks most popular member!

Nice one Sabrina. Love the positive vibes.



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Saw them too, it’s like a present to discover something nice that just appears, thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

I’d like to voice my appreciation to all the Space Makers.
Is very easy for new members like myself to join and see a space that is very close to completion and not necessarily realise the sheer volume of work that has gone before us.
From seeing empty arches before and looking at pictures it’s clear how much work must have gone into transforming this from a cold, wet hole to the amazing space we see now (and all done unpaid in your own free time).
Well Done.
Thank You.
You should be very proud.

waterproofing soundproofing newwalls newceiling newfloors newelectrics newplumbing funding acquiringequipment makingteaforfreezingworkers smiling researchingregulations fightingoftherats networking hosting donatingtimeforothers etc etc etc


PeterF, you’re a new appreciation too, like your style and hope to see you at the Christmas get together next Saturday to celebrate all good things :slight_smile:

Love the machine covers!!! Is it you @StudioNelle :raised_hands:

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Thank you :blush: Yes it was me.

I love the sparkly one!! :sparkles:

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CSo some absolutely massive appreciation is due to everyone who helped make the Christmas party so brilliant last night! So many people were involved but special mention has to go to:

@Ana_Nieto and Lola and the firestarters for the spectacular paella cooked over an oil-barrel-rocky-balboa bonfire. (In the rain - which as someone pointed out, made it a nice fusion of English and Spanish traditions!)
@cibelesoaresalvareng for donning overalls over her sparkly party outfit and clearing up outside beforehand, and also for the lovely guacamole.
Everyone who helped clear, tidy and make the space look amazing beforehand, and everyone who stayed to clear up afterwards and the next day.
@pip for the delicious mulled cider
@beth and @jonathanjo for organising secret maker, and everyone who took part and made something amazing (plus everyone who is still feverishly working on their creations!)
@boldaslove, @Courty and everyone who worked on the buzzer game which made a great ending to the evening.
@howard for the rave lights inside and gazebo lighting (over amp’d!) outside
@SarahJ for the christmassy making activity
@Courty for the led badge activity
@tobyspark for the lasercut christmas tree activity
@KylieJudd for taking photos
@dermot, @tobyspark, @StudioNelle @Courty, @dsikar and everyone who helped sort out food, plan, organise, prepare and run activities on the day.

And everyone who came, mingled, met new people, took part in the games and activities and helped create a great atmosphere and make the event a success. What a great way to celebrate the end of the year.

(Not forgetting a round of applause to @tobyspark, proud winner of the buzz wire trophy after a nail-biting final against @stefanoromano !)


I made this a wiki - please add anyone I’ve missed!

I had started something similar in the party thread, but got sidetracked. Have added in a few.

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Showing appreciation to Mark for gracing the space with proper coffee! :tada::tada::tada:


I want to show some appreciation to all the members who are giving up their time to plan & run inductions, especially at such a busy time of year when everyone has a million other things to do. @tim and @beth inducted me recently on the laser cutter and the lathe - thank you!!!


Thank you @pip !