Signs for space

Anything short of smoke and lasers and I’m going home.


all rather relative now! the arduino event is over now when we could have done with nice signs, if we are looking to restrict the membership soon we wont be needing them!

We’ll need them for open events. But actually it would make a lot of sense to stop running regular open evenings to see if it slows down the join rate to something more manageable.

Yeah, it would have been nice, but no big deal in the end. Would be good to have these for future occasions anyway.

I’ll buy the paint today.
Not sure if to get colour matched to the website logo or the paint we used before

…probably go for a match on the logo.
Makes more sense going forward.

there’s a specific colour @tobyspark and / or @unknowndomain will know more :slight_smile:

Electric red

I’d just colour match the logo as you suggest, tho. You can probably take the exact RGB numbers to Homebase or B&Q and they’ll mix the exact Pantone.

That’s what I was thinking. Color match in b and q for free and xyz

Any way let’s see what @tobyspark and @unknowndomain say…

Pretty sure we got it mixed at B&Q from the Valspar range. Worth a look in the back to see if there’s an old pot of it with a readable sticker.

Yeah the colour matching only works on certain things.

We ended up with Valspar something or other, theres a pot or two out the back, it took quite a while because we were trying to find the most saturated red they had, a lot of them are very flat or dark.

It would be CMYK not RGB but…

Cyan: 0%
Magenta: 100%
Yellow: 100%
Black/Key: 0%

But I don’t think they offer this, Pantone it would be called Process Red I suspect as it’s not actually a pantone but a spot colour.

That said the closest Panton is 485C, but this isn’t a recommendation but it is:

C: 0%
M: 95%
Y: 100%
K: 0%

Yep, paint would be good. I’m assuming we still had the tin from the Good Companion sign… but that is the kind of assumption that really means: was more preoccupied by cutting wood and gluing flat.

On which note, I’ll get a laser-cuttable PDF design proposal done tonight or tomorrow.

When I get a chance I ll have a look for it.
But I have previously with no success.

Assuming there wasn’t any? B and q did it last time and do the color marching yhing.

Can someone make a decision on what we should get. I mean do we go for A: one of Toms CMYK or B: do we take something down with paint already on it and match that or C: color match the website logo.

If someone can decide I can go and get it.

What about this? No surprises, it’s pretty much what I drew before properly sized. The ‘M’ and arrow are recessed white, as per the Good Companion sign. The cutout at the bottom is, ah, a cutout making the legs. It’s 990x600, for what it’s worth same as Canopy. At worst, it’s a size that seems about right, at best we might end up with theirs and turn into blackboards.

To make, it’s three pieces of laser cut ply tiled onto a solid piece of ply, which then gets trimmed down to the laser edges. Paint white and then roller red onto the top surface only.

This design doesn’t have the word ‘Makerspace’ or space for e.g. an A4 printout or blackboard section for custom messages (like, ah, Arduino Day 2018). My thinking is that any text is too fine for the cutout method. We could vinyl, but that would take some of the charm away. And better to have a big bold ‘M’ than something smaller that makes room for a message, but wouldn’t be as noticeable from down the street.

I think just the M without ‘South London Makerspace’ is too obscure. You’d need to already be strongly aware of our branding and know what we are for the sign to be useful. So that possibly make it cryptic, and no good for passing trade.

If we’re capping membership – which seems an inevitability at some point – then the signs well be for events: in which case we need to have space to advertise those events. Seems like having ‘open evening’ on then for the last couple of years would have been a good idea too.

/#bikeshedding sorry


may i dare suggest :grimacing: on the signs dropping ‘South London’

if someone is there I assume they know where they are.

@tobyspark sign above would be very clear what and where we are.

especially if it had ‘MAKERSPACE’ between the M and the <---- arrow

how about a holder above the sign that we can lasercut so we can simply slot in a brief 1-3 word description of what the sign is out there advertising. ie ‘arduino day’ or "open evening’ or ‘Film Festival’


This is acceptably within our brand guidelines - which suggest referring to the space as ‘Makerspace’ where possible.

(Phrased more diplomatically- but my Google Dipilomacy Translator is broken. )

I need a decision on this.
Or I’ll buy a sample pots of each (£3 each).