Signs for space

Does any one think we could have better signs for the space? (The ones we put out for open evenings.)

Any one fancy a stab at making some cool, functional, weather proof, wind proof signs?

Maybe a collaboration of members?
Someone design, someone build, someone engrave, blah blah???


I’ve long had a plan for this, effectively the canopy sign crossed with the sign we made for the good companion. I even have measurements of the canopy sign somewhere. Too late to whizz up a drawing right now, though.


Yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing.

We need the red M lit up because it’s hard to see the signs in the dark


with a lit up arrow

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If we use programmeable leds we can make it glitter and sparkle :smile:

I’ve got a bunch of WS2812’s I’d be happy to donate to the project…


I think you people might have slightly different ideas to me about what’s worth leaving in the street =]

Nonetheless, I’ll draw up the basic idea and it can be taken from there.

(Courty: in strips or individual?)

individual on small pcbs - although I did leave a strip in the space somewhere!


I can’t find my measurements for the canopy sign (swear I jotted them into my phone but the evidence is otherwise…).

But this is a quick sketch of what I was thinking. Each side two laser cut-out pieces of ply, with the white ‘M’ cut of the top one, that painted white, and then the whole thing painted red. Repeat for the other side, screw on two hinges at the top and a chain lower down, and it’s done.

So the two pieces shown would be sandwiched together.

Obviously it could be more complicated, but I thought that was a nice achievable project for someone who wanted to do something for the space.


Looks good.

Might do it today, do we have the paint ?

There certainly was paint… a few years ago, eeek! The red is ‘Electric Red’ IIRC.

Should put an arrow in, pointing to one side.

Can somebody go measure up the canopy sign?

I’ll whip up a sign today don’t worry about it

Ha, well, I’m going to worry a little:

  • Need two signs. One to go on street and one within the estate.
  • Need arrow pointing to the side, and you should be able to spin the (whole) sign around so it points the other way.
  • The ‘M’ needs to be the right one, and it needs to be correctly set within the square
  • 99% of the time, it’ll be sitting alongside the Canopy sign. So it really would be good if they ‘fit’ together, i.e. Same size and same fold-out-ness.

The sign that goes on the street needs to be double sided. The one for inside the estate needs to point left.

If arrows go at top that leaves space for adding social events signs underneath the M?

alright, I’ll be helping out making some other bits today. Will maybe leave it to you to sort out

If it is helpful I have access to a Speedy 500 at work which can laser cut much bigger pieces for a small cost.


Giving this a bump as it would be very nice to have for Arduino weekend – which is this coming weekend!

I was gonna do it but @tobyspark seemed he was taking care of it…

Indeed on both counts.

I haven’t been to Makerspace when the Canopy signs are out. I can run up a design easily, possibly have the wood, but need the measurements.