Signs for space

What measurements do you need?

Just width and height of main panel?
Or more?
It will take more time if you’re trying to make exact copy of canopy signs

Just width, height (i.e. floor to hinge), and leg length (i.e. floor to bottom of sign’s front).

Edit: or in the terms you said, main panel w x h, and then the leg length.

I don’t like leaving the MakerSpace board beside Canopy’s cus it blocks the pavement. It is a very busy bus stop just b4 the entrance, major peak time trains for folk to get buses home.
I always want to put it on the rhs of the entrance, moved out enough to recognise MakerSpace logo and arrow wihout hindrance to home.
But the arrow points to the park😀 if I do that!

A better board would work Wonders. Jackie

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Originally there were arrows on both sides, so it could always point into the entrance

They’re not there now tho! Is it simple bit of chalk to change it?

What i mean is that they’re the wrong way round if I put it on the rhs. I love the park…

Sorry got side tracked and forgot to measure up.

Any one else fancy measureing up canopy’s sign?

The confusion is you’ve got the signs mixed up.

When me and Dermot built those signs for the first open evening in that space, there was one with the “M” logo which was intended for the pavement, it has arrows on both sides.

Then there was a logotype one which has the legacy logo on it which was intended to go on the estate by the railway arch, which is why it has an arrow pointing the wrong way if you swap it with the other sign.

I think someone scrapped the old signs without making better replacements.

Oh well.

As we’re unlikely to have these for the weekend is there anyone who can print out some A3 versions? And I’ll laminate them and spruce up the existing sign

Ah! I forgot to post. I went to measure the Canooy signs last night and the lady (staff) there said they were replacing their signs as they blew over. So i didn’t measure them.

I still think the basic fold-out is a simple, good idea. But perhaps it makes sense to follow Canooy’s experience. What do others think?

We used to have signs that you weighed down with blocks. Not user friendly, but hard to blow down…

Be like tree, bend in wind


That was horrible though. I struggled with those blocks, and I’m surely in the more physically able demographic.

I think this is Canopy’s thought. It sounded like they were going to get the kind that has a weighted bottom, a frame around, and the sign swings from the top.

Those things sure are ugly though. We can do better!
(by which I mean we can bikeshed this to death for the next 6 months lol)

I agree on fugly. I think we do the existing idea, and come up with a weight anchor for windy days, when needed.

Red bag with embroided with the m logo full of sand?
Good project for textile?

Width 610mm
Height of board 800mm (includes the legs)
Height from top to bottom legs 990mm
Leg width 45mm

Material depth for legs 20mm
Material depth for board 10mm

Any questions please ask.

Looks like this:

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Looks good, but needs elegant counter weights :slight_smile: