Prusa I3 on a budget

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(laurent_muchacho) #306

@prusa_builders see you tomorrow evening if you are around.

(laurent_muchacho) #307

Forgot to mention I won’t be around on Tuesday. So depending on availability I might be able to squeeze Wednesday or Thursday. Have all a great weekend

(laurent_muchacho) #308

@prusa_builders made a deal with me lady. I’ll be in the space in Thursday evening unfortunately I can’t get there before 20:00
And It look like I’ll be able to do Saturday afternoon

To any of you who want to join

(Pete Hellyer) #309

Sweet! @Esther_Gladstone (is doing a lathe induction), and I will be along as well. Could you bring your ceramic screwdrivers, please so we can tune my steppers?



(Calum Nicoll) #310

Hey Laurent - I’ll be in the space daytime on Thursday but have a meeting at 7pm so will need to leave before then - is there anything I can do to help before then? (Ideally while supervising the laser cutter).


(laurent_muchacho) #311

Sorry guys trouble with bed time I’ll be in asap

(laurent_muchacho) #312

Morning @prusa_builders any of you available this afternoon? If you are let me know before lunchtime and I’ll come to help with the build. :slight_smile:

(Esther Gladstone) #313

Sorry Laurent, we are away this weekend but thank you for your help this week!

(laurent_muchacho) #314

@prusa_builders anyone coming tonight?

(Dermot Jones) #315

I’ll be down… but for London Craft Week planning

Are you up for any 3d printer demoing for LCW? Or got suggestions of what we could have printing on the day/night?

(laurent_muchacho) #316

Thx, I’ll drop by than and we can chat about LCW.

(Calum Nicoll) #317

Sorry I can’t make it tonight - more client meetings.

(laurent_muchacho) #318

@prusa_builders don’t worry if piece and bit are missing.

Yesterday I advanced a bit and continue to assemble the y-axis.

I took all the remaining extruder and will assemble and test them at home and bring them back when completed so hopefully depending on time and maybe a miracle we should have them ready

Bit by Bit I will try to advance on all the printer and hopefully when you can join we’ll advance a bit faster. I realised that if we don’t do this the project will never end and I have lot of other projects and plans for the 3D printing area in the space.

(Pete Hellyer) #319

Sorry, we intended to come down last night, but life being life, got in the way. Hopefully down next week with achingly close prusa…

(laurent_muchacho) #320

Apology I didn’t meant to make anyone feel guilty and the first I understand too well how life can be life. I’m guilty of being an arse/impatient/frustrated some night when I was tired, stressed or fighting flu :slight_smile:

(laurent_muchacho) #321

@prusa_builders not sure I can make it tonight a few things in my way -> waiting for ultrasound at hospital -> been working on a moodlite project for LCW -> so didn’t had time to do the extruder as promised

(Pete Hellyer) #322

No worries! I probbaly cant make it tonight eiehr!

(Pete Hellyer) #323

you in tonight @laurent_muchacho? I’ve /two/ printers in the car to play with!

(laurent_muchacho) #324

Yes I’ll be in, 2 printer ?

(Pete Hellyer) #325

yeah, I have the one we built, and a geetech pro c