Pledge drive: Bambu X1 Carbon/P1P 3D printer

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Hi All,

Following the results of the poll, I would like to make a pledge drive for a Bambu X1/P1P Printer.

The printer which we get will be dependant on the amount raised. The more we raise the, better the printer will be.

P1P - £679.00 GBP

X1 Carbon £1,179.00 GBP

The P1P will decrease the printing time for printed parts dramatically quoted between 40-70% reduction in print times. The printer will be capable of a wider range of materials (PLA, PETG, TPU, PVA, PET) out of the box. It also has built in lights and camera for print monitoring, a filament runout sensor, auto bed leveling, and power recovery.

The X1 carbon has all the features above but will also be capable of printing ABS, ASA, PA, PC, Carbon/ Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer filaments. (Though some of these filaments may require additional extraction)

Both printers have an increased maximum build volume 0f 256x256x256 mm compared to the current 210x210x205 on the ultimaker.

Both machines can also be upgraded after purchase with a multifilament changer to either print in multiple types of filament or multiple colours in a single print.

If any one else has any questions bout the proposed printers especially regarding specific projects, feel free to pop them below. If any one want so see how much faster their prints could be, Download the Bambu studio slicer and you can see the print times on these machines compared to the Ultimaker.

I’ve started off the pledge below.


@scday94 £50
@asander1 £25
@thymepuns £50
@arre £50
@Geraetefreund £25
@carb £100
@scythian £25
@mjadczak £50
@davidN £50
@father £20
@chris_c £50
@elena_alexi £20

Running Total: £515


Sounds cool, great initiative! The main reason I rarely print anything is the length of time it takes!


Yeah I think this is one of the major sticking points for 3D printing in general and it’s been the main push in the industry for the last 3 years. It brings a lot more in scope for the space as well as we can’t run it in attended. You can get a faster print in general or you can print bigger in the same amount of time and all with higher quality.

Hopefully we can get a 3D cad evening started up soon as well. So we can look at cad designing in general but also with the intent of 3D printing. Hopefully be a 1 night a month thing to start.


I just would like to bring this discussion to the table :

Apparently Bambu Lab is been trying to hide that the printers has problems, like the carbon roads not lasting long and they are against community mods, where, Prusa is fostering innovation and change.

Not a great look.

While I agree with both preference for the work Prusa’s been doing and with concern regarding proprietary hardware, and Bambu’s stance in particular, matching capabilities of P1P and especially X1 with Prusa will cost quite a bit both financially and time-wise: (re)building the printer into a (to be built) enclosure, adding MMU, and still not getting comparable build volume.

While proprietary components and firmware are a concern, Bambu seemingly managed to amass a community big enough and active enough to troubleshoot issues and come up with solutions, official or not. Hopefully that, alongside with experience of space’s 3d printing folks, would be enough to outweigh the negatives.

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Yes I agree Max. For the price to performance that we would get, and the benefits that this would have to the space far out way an issue that from what I can see is sparsely reported. I’m sure there are many people that are running these to the scale of full print farms and there seems to be little to no issues to be raised about this since release. By this point there will be millions of hours printed on these machines, if this was a major concern, there would be multiple reports about it by this point and Bambu would have had to address the issue or face community backlash.

Also as you say Max, we are a creative bunch and if any issue does arise, I’m sure we will be able to find a fix!

There is a full matainence guide for the machine as well. An additional dust cover can be made to mitigate any additional dust on the rails.


I’ve put in a pledge but only just started a new job so it would be nice to wait till payday before handing over the ££ :).


I’ll put in 20£

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Yes that’s fine. We are still a little shy at the moment for the P1P which looks like current contender so I dont think we would be placing an order for a few more weeks.Though It will depend on how much could possibly be matched by the spaces funds to upgrade to the carbon. As the versatility in terms of filaments expands dramatically.

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Have we done the traditional “contact the company and say we’re a community space etc to see if we can get a discounted model”? I;ve heard that’s worded for other machines before.

yes already tried that

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This is the same company that “forgot” to release open source code and it’s stopping everyone to talk about modding and defects on their Facebook page, they don’t care about the community.

Voron 2.4 as an open source alternative? :smile:

I mean, a LDO kit it’s basically all ready.

Extra £300 on top of the already ambitious amount for the X1, quite a bit of printing on top, assembly/tuning to be done in house, and we’re out multi-material capability.

To quote an established member of the space:

I’m sorry to come up rude, but we already had this discussion, if we keep going on about this we will never buy one.

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I don’t know who that person is, but he sounds smart, handsome and he is right.

Undoubtedly, hence the choice to quote them :wink:

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