New member intro and onboarding - textiles project 🥼

Hacker-ish presence:

  • Cambridge Makespace from day 1 (then moved out of town)
  • London Hackspace - I was member for 100+ months - once upon a time became mayor on Foursquare (anyone remembers this check-in app?)
  • CCCamp15 19 23
  • SHA2017
  • EMF 2014 16 18

I enjoy “hacker mindset”, resourcefullness, problem solving… I also enjoy nuanced legalities, different frameworks of the law, various FOI (freedom of information) and SAR (subject access requests) and at this point in time I’m working towards COMPLETE SYSTEM TRANSFORMATION. It happens once in a lifetime, once in a century. You can think fall of the Berlin Wall, collapse of the Soviet Union, Arab Spring… Now we have :ukraine::ru::palestinian_territories::israel:, exponential AI, runaway climate change and the world that is ready for PEACEFUL (R)EVOLUTION.

Image source:

I’ve noticed there is Textiles night - Wednesday 6 December - 18:30 - 21:00 - do you mind if I attend as a part of onboarding?

I’m actually looking for some help with textiles - I’m going to Davos (World Economic Forum) and I’ll be embodying the character of Supreme Chief Lord Commander of the Astral Fleet :sparkles::zap::dizzy:

(in the theme of unifying humanity, first contact, extraterrestial diplomacy)

I would like to make an outfit that will suit me… Adding a foldable screen, some LEDs, magnets, velcro, the whole shebang :slight_smile:

(something a little bit “out of space” but also borderline believable)


Hey Mars,

Welcome to our community! You’ll fit right in! :partying_face:

Absolutely! Craft+Textile Night as well as Electronics Night (usually every Thursday from 7.30pm till late) is open for everone, members and non members. If you ask a member, they’ll (most likely) be happy to give you a tour of the Makerspace.

If you have a minute to fill out our brief pre-membership survey, the back office will send you an invite to join the Makerspace, but no rush, you can always come to the open events anytime without a membership subscription.

Otherwise, we have an Open Evening every other Wednesday, the next one happening 13 December if you prefer the scenic tour and a chat re membership.

See you at the Makerspace,

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I started looking at my journey and… Train Strikes:

  • Wednesday 6th December: Gatwick Express (No services on any day up to 9th), South Western Railway (including Island Line), Southeastern and Southern

I’ll just stay at home on this occassion, without trains it would be tricky, apologies for the hassle and “false alarm”, I’ll make an effort at the next available oportunity…

No worries, plenty of opportunities coming up, i.e. next Wednesday is Open Evening, and if all else fails, I’m sure we can arrange a time for you to have a look around the Makerspace. I’m pretty confident there will be somebody around even during the dreaded C-word time! (I will be for sure!, 25+26 December) - unless you’ll be attending 37C3? (I can’t, unfortunately)

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Definitely not a hacker.

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Super duper hyper CYBER special hacker cyberpeace police :dove::dizzy::hammer_and_wrench:

It’s element of the same coat… Ended up not working with textiles but adding new pins.

Check also my :house_with_garden:

Advert on SpareRoom:

I have 1 more room to be rent, friendly hacker price in a supportive environment. Loads DIY around the garden, including “trash house project”, a 2nd house built completely out of trash / recycled / upcycled materials.

(screws and nails OK to buy new)

Reasonable distance from the space

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Downside: lost the gold cape

Downside upside: more space in the carry-on luggage.

Downside MINOR: also lost the “Mars” shiny badge but possible to replace: