Milling Machine working?

@Gergo_Dala was fixing it!

It’s fixed! The error was stupidly simple to find and fix. we need a pair of 12mm carbon brush covers and I have to grease it and mount the motor. if you can find a risk assesment and convert the user manual (sieg sx1l) to a toolpage we’ll comission it and have inductions too. ( I just can’t get there to put the onine bit together)


I haven’t got much on this week so I can have a look and see about finding a risk assessment and manual - don’t actually know any hands on metalwork but I’m fine to put a few hours in to get this up and running from a paperwork side

Thank you! After we have the cover and the machine had the test run we’ll be good in the hardware side too. I’ll be in the space in tuesday to work a bit, and move the machine back to metalwork.

Is this not the tool page? 3-Axis Milling Machine - Sieg SX1L Micro Mill

Yepp thats the tool page, but it’s a skeleton, check out the lathes : Metal Lathe - Colchester Bantam


Use these pages as examples of what the tool page could look like:

And these as references for Risk Assessments:

Please use the same format, fill it out, get a metaltech to review it and then Directors can sign off on it!

Let me know any questions!

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To explain a bit, the examples Andy have linked are the base tool page + reference material covered in the induction so folks can refer back to them. There will be a lot of overlap on the RA with metal lathe but some differences of course.

Thanks all for offering to help!

Okay, I’ve had a go at the risk assessment based on the existing format - ready for someone else to take a look at

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Cool thank you! Can you drop it to us in message? or google drive link?

Its basically just the existing one but I updated it to match the standard format

I am comfortable with this RA covering more than the mini mill. The only thing I’ve noticed is hands and tools should kept clear of the machine while its spinning. It’s mentioned in swarf removal but not for tool changes, adjusting setups, etc.

Nice work!

Good point - added that in now :+1:

Perfect! Thank you!

What’s the next step now for getting this usable in the space - directors sign off?

@directors please check out the risk assesment @Sean made for the milling mahine!
Round 2 is the completition of the tool page with the help of the user manual. sieg_x1_super_micro_mill_mk2.pdf (2.6 MB)
than we need to install the new brush covers if they arrive, test the machine, and find a suitable base/cabinet to mount it on and store its accessories in. (keeping it next to the welding table where we’re angle grinding is not the best idea, its motor has super strong permanent magnets.

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I have cleaned up the wording around interacting with the machine while its operating and removed references to reduced risk because it’s a smaller machine.


Brush covers are on their way…

Will take a look at the RA later tonight.



Thank you!

Brush caps say they were delivered Thursday- @Gergo_Dala look around the Space…