Membership System Guide: Enrolling a tag - updated summer 2021

As of Summer 2021 this is no longer the process for enrolling a tag - please present your tag to the door or shutter card reader and contact @directors with the date and time so it can be associated with your account

Your members tag is how you access the space, and tools, it’s important you don’t share this with others and if you loose it follow the quick instructions on how to revoke the tag, it can always be re-enrolled if you find it again.

The process for enrolling a tag can now be done by new members without director intervention, however you will need to apply for door and later shutter access via the directors here: Door & Shutter Requests

Step 1

Go to the member kiosk in the space, near the kitchen.

Step 2

Collect a tag from the jar on the book shelf behind the kiosk.

Step 3

Make sure the computer is awake by moving the mouse, and swipe your tag on the wooden reader.

Step 4

The tag will be identified as new, and you will be asked for an email address, complete this form and submit.

Screen inviting user to enter email address

Step 5

Check your email on a mobile phone or computer, click the ‘Enrol’ button in the email, or copy the link, and then login with your member account.

Step 6

Click ‘Enrol’ to link the tag to your account.


Step 6b - Replacing existing tag

If you are replacing an existing tag, you’ll be asked additionally to confirm that your old tag will be revoked.

Step 7

You can verify your tag is linked by swiping it again on the member kiosk, this time it will display your name and details about your account.

Step 8

You can now apply for door permission, and latter shutter permission, as well as attend inductions where access to tools can be granted to your tag.