Hi, I'm Yuxuan

Hi all,

I recently moved into this area, and by shear serendipity found out there is a makerspace near my new place. I always liked the idea of being a member, so I joined, although I don’t know what I want to make yet. Hey, at least I got to hang out with similarly technically minded people.

I am a software engineer by training. So if anyone can use the help of a software engineer, I am happy to help!

Really looking forward to learn new things from everybody! :blush:


Hi Yuxuan,

Welcome to our community! Don’t worry, soon you’ll have plenty of ideas and you’ll be running out of hours in the day! :laughing:

You should have a welcome message in your inbox here on Discourse.

Happy to help if you have any other questions.

See you at the Makerspace,

Come check the place out on Wednesday :slight_smile: we have an open evening happening at 7pm and can show you and groups of people around the place, answer your questions and meet various people.

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Visited the space today, it was impressive! Saw many cool tools, many cool people, learned how speakers work. I feel I might be going to have a good time here.

btw I messaged @directors about the key fob, don’t know if I did it right. I wish this process could be simpler

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The process of enrolling a new tag is explained in the Enrolling a new keyfob post.

Our How-To Index is also a very useful resource that explains the most common processes for SLMS.

Thanks! I did do it wrong :pensive:

btw I have been coming up ideas to make this process automatic (I am a software engineer, this is my bad habit). Wonder if there’s interest for that?

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Of course, you’re always welcome to make suggestions for improvements - as is every member!

That said, may I kindly suggest familiarizing yourself with our infrastructure and the underlying technology it relies on? This understanding will greatly facilitate the explanation of how our processes have evolved. It is possible that certain complexities might arise, which, from your perspective, may seem less straightforward.

However, there are valid reasons behind these intricacies that we would have to elaborate on.


Yeah I do want to know more. Who should I ask to get to know more about this system?

Hiya! @systems is indeed looking for more help with software, systems etc …

Some projects are wordpress, discourse integrations, raspberry pi stuff and others!

Anyone who is interested lets try to meet up this or next week! @yshui when would you be available?


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I am (almost) always available, let me know when you will be there and I’ll try to meet you.

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Ok cool! Will do! Thanks

Hiya! @yshui

We will be working on systems / tool control stuff on August 2, 7pm, hope you can make it!



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I’ll be there, maybe around 7:30pm.

See you then!

Cool Cu!