Hi all :wave:

I’m Luke, I currently work as an architect but want to spend more time in the workshop rather than behind a desk!

That being said, I have expertise in waterproofing, drainage, insulation and other miscellaneous detailing, (all the fun stuff :confused: ) so happy to help with the building maintenance/ space creation of arch 2.

I’m interested in making some small furniture personal projects, as well as getting back into doing some screen printing. I’m also keen to collaborate on a small temporary building project if anyone is interested?

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you in the space!


Also, what’s the process for acquiring a key fob?


Welcome Luke

Fob: Membership System Guide: Enrolling a tag

You will probably want to get onto an induction waiting list so that you can start using the tools: https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/c/admin/induction-waiting-lists

There are a number of people talking about reviving the screen printing facilities, so search the forum for posts about this.


Great, thanks for the help! Will check it out

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Fantastic, we could definitely use some helping arch 2.

I am doing the electrics and a bit of help from with the drawings from professional architect would be fantastic be useful PM me if you’re interested in helping

Hi sorry for the late response; electrics are more an M and E services engineer’s forte, but happy to have a look for some general guidance, but I can’t really sign off on any drawings produced.

Cheers, luke


Don’t worry about signing it off, that’s down to me, but electricians are not known for their cad skills.

Drawings of an important part of the communication process in the other members know what I’m planning and as we have to build an overhead structure equally important to show any Mechanical Engineers remembers what were up to so they can help

Give me a call on 07983726124 if you’re still interested in helping

Ok, great, will give you a call later this evening :slight_smile:

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