Laser Inductions


  • Groups of 9 people (usual induction is just 3) - we could start using this process for all inductions
  • Run by 2 people - presenter in the clean room, facilitator at the laser
  • Induction is for Ruby, with a standard cut and engrave done by all participants (no personal projects)


  1. Laser PC on
  2. Laptop in the clean room, logged into Ruby remotely using the director username and password
  3. Printed instructions for adding user accounts
  4. Paper and pen for noting passwords
  5. Laptop with presentation and video
  6. Projector and screen
  7. Sign in sheet


  1. As each person enters the room, they are invited to set up their Ruby account and make a note of their password.
  2. Add their name and Discourse username onto the sign-in sheet
  3. Note any people who need to do the practical early


  1. Run through the presentation
  2. Show the video

Job setup (have to test the logistics of this)

  1. Login to Ruby on the 9 laptops using individual accounts
  2. Import the SVG
  3. Set the parameters (colour, material settings)
  4. Queue job


  1. Remove the 3 components and inspect them
  2. Simulate cleaning
  3. Login to Ruby
  4. Open job in queue
  5. Cut and engrave
  6. Mark the induction as complete
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