Key Fob and Inductions

Hi, I got my membership last week but am still confused how to get started. The link labled ‘get your key Fob’ doesn’t explain how to get your key fob and although I can find posts listing the waiting lists for inductions for different machines, I can’t see how to add myself to one.
Can you help?

Is there a box somewhere that has unassigned key fobs that we can just grab one from? I know once you have it you touch it on the door reader and message directors with the datetime of doing so.

Hi Will, I just joined recently as well. I popped in and there is a jar somewhere with un-assigned key fobs. you get a brilliant selection of colours consisting of SLMS red, maker space red or just a normal red. Hopefully someone is at hand to show you where to find said jar and you can go through the tag procedure.

As for adding to inductions, if you look at the bottom of the main post, not the bottom of the responses, you will see a paper and pencil on the lower right to edit the post and you can tag yourself on the bottom of the post. I hope this is how you do it anyway as none has shouted at me yet!

Hope you get it sorted soon without too much trouble!


Yes! Any current member can likely show you, they are on the dresser by the couches… Touch in and let us know the date/time…

For the Induction waiting lists, follow these instructions:


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@directors Hi I just picked up a key fob and touched in at 18:15 today.
Apologies if this is not how I’m supposed to message you to get it linked to my account.

Thanks for taking care of it Howard

Thanks very much Howard!

I touched in at 00:33pm

Hi Daniel,

It looks like you might not have signed up yet. Can you take a look in your spam folder for an invite on July 21st or shoot a private message to @directors with the alternate email you signed up with?

Hi I tapped my fob at 22.03pm and yes I realised payment issues all sorted now thanks

@Karin has sorted your access and I’ve registered your fob. Happy making!

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