It is nice when your projects get used. A bird box

Back in November I built a bird box for @LisaP apologies, I thought it was such a simple project it didn’t warrant a post in projects

In December I fitted it to our wall in France

Thinking nothing was ever going to nest there, after two months wait we had our first visitor right at the end of March.

Two days later she started decorating

2nd April she brought her mate to have a look

Over the next few weeks she built the home entirely on her own.

IMG_8660 IMG_8661 IMG_8662
April 12th, almost 2weeks to the day from when she first viewed the property, she slept there for the first night!

IMG_8663 IMG_8664
9days after moving in you can see the tip of the first egg in the hollow of the nest, just under her tail.


Now apparently she will lay up to 16 eggs (one a day) over the next two weeks before starting to hatch them.
Losing 10% of her body weight each time. The male has been feeding her insects in the nest but very infrequently. His work starts once they are hatched.

To be updated



What a cool “cross-discipline” project to offer as a course…make a birdbox (laser/woodshop/CNC), build a nature-cam with a Raspberry Pi and transmit the pics (IoT).


I already had that planned as a project/course for November/December (too late now for nesting birds) tying that in to the electronics as well is a brilliant idea

and screen printing, print a giant QR code onto a t-shirt so people can scan it and watch your birds :slight_smile:


And such beautiful tenants too!

I’d been thinking of deleting this app as it annoys me with its frequency……but with this stories ‘to be continued’ I’m staying! I can think of no better ad for Makerspace.

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That’s a fab idea! If it works. :hatching_chick:

Looks rather romantic!! :heart::hatching_chick:


Well the notifications from the birdbox in France have been going mad today …… looks like the blue tit population is about to get a boost!! Three mouths spotted so far


Well unfortunately the power has gone down at the house in France , I will be there on Tuesday to see what the problem is.
So far here is the progress
The first sign of life was around the end of April

Then followed many feeding trips from both parents (this taken 7th may )
We were not sure if we could see 3 or 4 chicks in the nest

20 May,
looks like they are nearly ready to leave the nest, I think we will miss their inaugural flights

The magnificent seven!!!