Hi I'm Oscar

Hi all,

I’ve known about this place for a while but have not had a project until now. I am a former cabinet maker and have just started a guitar-making course at Merton college. I’d really like to join the community to build electric guitars in parallel with the skills I am learning from the course.

Looking forward to being involved in the creative community.


Hi Oscar,
great you found us! Sounds like you fit right in. Your project sounds fascinating. Do you have already plans for your first build?
Hope to see you soon in the space.

Hi Karin,

I am building my collage guitar based on a '62 Strat. I’m a couple of weeks into the course and here is my technical drawing of the guitar and the front and back templates that I’ve made.




looks amazing!

Hey Oscar,

Great to have another luthier on board, excited to see how your strat turns out.

Ive got a telecaster build on at the moment: Mad Cat Electric Guitar Build

Just working on the finish ATM, just need to make the scratch plates and assemble it all and ill be done.

Im hoping to do my next guitar project on the big cnc machine, should be exciting!

Theres an @luthiers group with doesnt have much activity, but worth checking out.

@Howard has made a lots of instruments including some pretty innovative electric guitar stuff, I believe he also has some equipment to wind pickups, interested to get into that :slight_smile:

Anyway welcome, look forward to comparing notes some time :tada: