Hi, I'm Jay


I am an 18 year old from London with a passion for woodwork, metalwork and 3D Printing.

I would like to use the makerspace to prototype a welding jig design as well as various other ideas.

I am good experience repairing 3D printers, especially Creality models, so happy to help the workshop in that respect as well as general tidying up. I also have experience using woodworking and metal machinery/tools.

Looking forward to meeting members!


Hi Jay,
It sounds like you will fit right in. We have a 3D printer fix-a-thon on Saturday where members can bring their broken 3D printer and there will be a lot of fixing of different models. Hope to see you soon around

Hello Karin

Thank you, can I just come in or do I need to register somewhere?

Kind Regards


Hi Jay,
no registration is needed. Have a look at the discussion to find out more about what is planned.


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HI Jay,

Yep just pop on down when you are free. I will be at the space from 11AM. I know there is a Ender 3 V2 comming in for repair with a bed level issue and a prusa Mk 3 for a bit of a tune up. Im sure there will be others about as well. If you have any spares going spare from other repairs you have done, that you are able to bring that would also be greatly appreciated. also if you want a slightly different machine we have a delta printer that needs a new PSU.

Otherwise lots of people to chat to im sure!

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