3D printer fix-a-thon

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Host: @scday94

Messy Room
Mini CNC:
Metalwork / Welding:
Metal Lathe:
Screenprinting / Assembly:

Clean Room
Main Table: @scday94
Electronics Bench (Space for 2):

Textiles/3D Room
Textiles Area:
3D Resin Printer:
3D Ultimaker 2+:
3D Flashforge Dreamer:
3D Bambu X1 Carbon:
3D Qidi Tech X-Max:

Bench (Space for 2):
Bench (Space for 2):
Bench (Space for 2):
Tracksaw Table:
Wood Lathe:
Big CNC:

Please note: all inside workshops are closed for cleaning on Sundays from 06:30 to 11:00