Hi I'm Chris

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Hi all, I am a current graduate student at the University of Greenwich in the Sound/Image dept. I am currently engaged in a practice based research project and have experience as a professional sound recordist. I am really interested in trying to create the means of sound recording through repurposing electronic scrap into microphones and speakers - small scale etc. While I have taken some courses in my B.A. I am a beginner with this kind of technical ability and looking to gain the skills if there is help available to achieve this! Happy to collaborate and would love to be a part of this collective.



Hi Chris,

Welcome to our community! That sounds super interesting and fun. Happy to have a chat about all things noise from recycled stuff. I make Eurorack modules and have a soft spot for anything that turns electricity into some sort of noise, pitched or not.

If you’re available next Wednesday, 8th March, we’re having an open evening and you’ll get a tour and apparently there shall be cake - well, that’s the rumour! :cake: :laughing:

See you at the Makerspace,

Hey Mark,

Sounds great. Yes, I will be coming tomorrow for the open evening, thanks!


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