Here we go again! Sunday 27th March 11:00 - 16:00 + BBQ o'clock? Arch and alley meet up

Well, hello!

Feeling a bit shy to reach out to all @members… nevertheless here we go again! It has been over a good year since our last outdoor volunteering meetup. spark in the eye Looking at what we’ve collectively accomplished on them still blows my mind, have you been in the Outer space for example?

We can ‘zhuzh’ the space up even more, can you believe it.
I’m happy to take this on again semi-regularly, would folk be interested in Saturdays ocassionally too?

Tasks to do will be added over the rest of the week, but we can start preparing for:

Outer space area

  • wire brushing off the paint from picnick bench

  • repainting picnick bench

  • front wall that has many patches, would we go for a re-paint? "

  • Makerspace hanging sign needs refreshing

  • checking on our flowers
    -returning metal plate on messy door

  • create a new plate for front door

ARCH1 tasks

  • reinstate 3 week bins - where
  • write upcoming events etc on chalkboard wall
  • create discourse post for unknown/abandoned projects and equipment
  • get playpen out of snug, clean it and find space in social area for it

ARCH2 tasks

Oiling - thin layers

  • oiling walls
  • cnc enclosure oiling
  • oiling window frame
  • cleaning glass blocks from mortar

Plus some imagining the space time?

If there’s apetite for BBQ, lets do it - Comment below if you’d like that!

" (In the past there has been a discussion about this to go for Valspar: Nevermore/ grey , but never got to it Spruce up the arch)



+1 for the BBQ

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There’s two of us then so far!

Can’t make it as out biking on Sunday but have a good 'un :slight_smile:

Might make it down later if it goes on a bit, after 5-6ish?

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Sounds good especially with a bbq at the end.

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Let’s see when we fire it up. Biking sounds cool!

Yes to more make the space days! Thanks for organising @petra!

I am busy most of that day, but will try to come by if possible! If we can keep a running list of stuff that needs doing maybe some folks can do stuff ad-hoc during the week?


Let’s see what overspills from these events?

Happy making!

I can probably make this.
+1 for barbeque too, if there’s some vegetarian food.


Im happy to bring some vegetarian sausages and burgers, but I do urge everyone to bring a little something for the bbq too as my pockets are not limitless, lol!


That’s OK, I can bring some things.


The gas BBQ still needs a gas bottle with the right connector. Might need someone with a car to organise this :slight_smile: or there is the coal one but I don’t think we have any coal left.

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I’ll check!

I have a car and happy to sort this out but not sure what is required, if you let me know I can maybe sort this out on Saturday afternoon?

I’ll also be there tomorrow evening for woodshop inductions so if I need to take anything to gas bottle supplier to get the connector or bottle then I can take it then?

I’ll be there tomorrow too, I’ll figure it out and let you know ?

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Here’s the info and colour. Enough to get the right stuff?

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So what exactly do we need, a bottle and connector or just connector, pipe, etc?