Emf 2018

(electrotech) #41

i like how the tilda 3.14 looks.

i have no further ideas/thoughts for our own one.

(Andrea Campanella) #42

There will be a badge , I asked it , would be nice to know if is uPython again, perhaps we can write an app for it (im 60% sure it will.)

(Tom Lynch) #43

From the event I went to in January they will be doing a badge with Micro Python.

(Tom Lynch) #44

EMF Meetup Options:

  • Sunday 29th April 17:00-18:30
  • Tuesday 1st May 19:00-20:30
  • Thursday 3rd May 19:00-20:00

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(Tom Lynch) #45

@emf Let’s meet up Thursday evening at 19:00 in the social area.

(electrotech) #46


(Frank Scott) #47

+1 (after voting)

(Kylie Judd) #48

If anyone needs some camping gear Halfords seem to be doing 50% off at the moment.


(Tom Lynch) #49

Reminder meeting is tomorrow night @emf folks!

(Dermot Jones) #50

I’ll be there

(Dermot Jones) #51

Cheap advance train tickets on sale now

P.S. I’m probably going to drive the the Electric Van…it will be an adventure as I won’t make it on one charge

(Andrea Campanella) #52

they got a small electric vehicle race!


(Stuart) #53

Thanks for the link! I got my train tickets for £16 return! I need to learn to buy train tickets in advanced more often…

(Kylie Judd) #54

bugger I saw they were cheap a few weeks ago and didn’t buy them, bought them now and had they were £34 :frowning:

(Andrea Campanella) #55

Out of curiosity , does anyone struggle to get to the EMF? maybe we can organise a car pooling (I don’t know if I have space personally btw.)

(Dermot Jones) #56

I’ve decided to drive the Electric Van, however this will mean stopping for several hours to charge enough route

(Andrea Campanella) #57

My campervan have a 220v generator…maybe we can find a way…


(Dermot Jones) #58

Van draws 2kW for a slow charge, 3.8 kW for a ‘fast’ charge, but with a special cable

Each 2kWh gives approx 7.8miles of range…so it’s a loooooooooong charge!

(Andrea Campanella) #59

Yeah .
Have you got the campervan tickets?

(Dermot Jones) #60

No, but need to sort out parking/charging… they’re putting some charging facilities in main car park