Emf 2018

(Andrea Campanella) #61

Yeah , worse case scenario , I got a campervan ticket , you can come around and charge it…

(Kylie Judd) #62

Put a wind tubine on top = unlimited energy :man_scientist:

(electrotech) #63
  • limited by lack of wind.

(Mark Johnson) #64

Now for some reason I would never have attributed that quote to you!

(Kylie Judd) #65

Vote on your favourite arcade games!

(Andreas Varotsis) #66

I had forgotten how much of a huge pain getting to EMF always is :frowning: I have obscurely early tickets out of Paddington.

(Dermot Jones) #67

And done!

(Kylie Judd) #68

(Kylie Judd) #69

Don’t forget if you need a ticket or to get rid of one


(Dermot Jones) #70


(Kylie Judd) #71

single adult plus two free under 12’s

(Hannah Tucker) #72

Will we have a makerspace village/sign/gathering/anything?

(Andreas Varotsis) #74

The talk list is up! There is a LOT

Sidenote, I’ll bring beer and card games, because I’m ambitious like that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kylie Judd) #75

tickets available!

(Dermot Jones) #76

Two things:
Anyone we know still looking for tickets?

What day/time are folks rolling up?

(Kylie Judd) #77

I should get to Ledbury train station at around 5pm on Thursday, I will probably get a taxi to emfcamp as the shuttles don’t start till Friday.

(Tom Lynch) #78

@dermot https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Power/Electric_Vehicles

(Tom Lynch) #79

Also folks, this year there is little to no signal on any GSM network available so if you have a DECT phone spare at home it’s worth bringing it as you can register it with the EMF DECT network and use it to stay in touch around the place.

(Frank Scott) #80

I’m very tardy, not arriving Ledbury station 'till 15:00 on Friday.

@Dermot , if I bring flag pole to members meeting on Tuesday, can you take it to Ledbury in your van. It’s only 1.25m long when collapsed but don’t really want to take it on the train along with my camping gear.

(Dermot Jones) #81

Yes, see you then