Emf 2018

(Tom Lynch) #1

The first tickets for EMF will likely be available to buy before Christmas, if last time is anything to go by they will be snapped up.

August 31st–September 2nd 2018, somewhere in Western England.

Let’s get a good contingent going!

(Stuart) #2

Saw this tweet today, anyone thinking on going???

(Dermot Jones) #3

I’m having a good think about it!

(Tom Lynch) #4

110% going!

(Tom Lynch) #5

I’m going to the volunteers meet-up this weekend as I am keen to add an LGBTQ+ element to EMF, perhaps a meet-up, or a village, or something, if Makerspace doesn’t do a village this year I’ll push the LGBTQ+ one.

Frankly though with 300 members we should be having a proper village I feel!

(Andrea Campanella) #6

Totaly going as well, all 3 of us probably :smiley:

(Dermot Jones) #7

New EMF Wiki

(electrotech) #8

I’ll be going for sure this year.

(electrotech) #9

I’m thinking of attending also. May see you there :smiley:

(Dermot Jones) #10

Link to today’s meetup: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/electromagnetic-field-2018-volunteer-launch-party-tickets-40716715793

Aimed at people who helped out in previous years, or are keen to get involved with this year’s event. I was planning to go…but got a heap of stuff to get through today…

(Chris) #11

I’m hoping to attend :slight_smile: need to double check my calendar though.

(Dermot Jones) #12

Tickets on sale tonight at 7pm, according to https://www.emfcamp.org/

(Tom Lynch) #13

256 tickets every couple of weeks. They are intending not to raise the ticket prices too much over time.

(Dermot Jones) #14

Next bunch of tickets available midday Sunday 11th March

(Ross Walker) #15

I’m hoping to get in on the next batch. Will be my first EMF.

Honestly curious about a few things:

  • How is the site laid out? Are the tent pitches separated from the villages?
  • How big are the tent pitches allocated?
  • What’s the best way to get involved as part of the SLMS village, if that’s happening?

(Tom Lynch) #16

Typically all the stuff is at one end of the site, then there is camping at the other, with family friendly (quiet) camping furthest away.

Villages are groups of tents which can form around a commonality, for example radio user groups, or makerspaces, or safe spaces for minorities. These may just be camping together or doing some kind of activity.

There is loads of space there is no allocation of pitches you just plonk down in a space big enough for your group, and not in a fire lane. There are datenklo (data toilets) across the site which are basically those horrible plastic toilets that have been repurposed as a data and power distribution point, ideally you want to be with 10M of one of these for your power needs.

Well typically Makerspace hasn’t done much more than turn up and and make a communal space in the past, but we should probably try harder as we’ve got time, and EMF has much more space this year for villages and wants them to do more.

This was 2 years ago:

I would suggest we think about asking to borrow these things again, maybe a couple flag poles, we have a Makerspace flag we could put up this time, and I put up a pride flag as you can see in the photo.

Those LEDs don’t work any more so we need to find some kind of new illumination, I’ve got some code we could use from old projects possibly.

We could even run some workshops if we wanted.

(Kylie Judd) #17

If anyone volunteered last time around check your email, there is a pre-sale link in there.

(Stuart) #18

I got my ticket :smiley:

(Tom Newsom) #19

<LOTR meme>You have my gazebo</LOTR meme>

(Dermot Jones) #20

Our ‘free tea and coffee all day – stop and have a chat’ vibe worked well last time

And the led string on the grass created a nice interactive element – passersby could shape it into imaginative images…including the inevitable of course – there’s a photo somewhere

I think we could do well to develop from those angles: somewhere you’re welcome to stop and chat (that’s very Makerspace) and something fun and interactive.

Adding some workshops to this sounds like an easy win. We might join with DEE and do something solar/off grid perhaps? I’m happy to run mini solar workshops…we should think of something quick and EMF-suitable to make…solar powered toilet light?