Emf 2018

(Tom Lynch) #21

We could make something with the neopixels if we had beer crates and bottles stacked up.

(Kylie Judd) #22

(Tom Lynch) #23

So who’s got tickets?

How are we going to setup the village?

Shall we have a EMF planning meet up one evening next week? Maybe Thursday to coincide with electronics evening when folks are around anyway?

(electrotech) #24

i has ticket.

(Andrea Campanella) #25

Me and @tala703 we got 3 tickets (one for our daughter) , would be super fun to have a village but we will have a campervan too, we should totally start a project for the camp!

(Frank Scott) #26


(Kylie Judd) #27

yeah that sounds good

(Tom Lynch) #28

How does this weekend sound, Sunday afternoon perhaps?

(Hannah Tucker) #29

yes!!! this weekend sounds great @unknowndomain I’m so excited, I have lots of plans for this camp!! and time to get stuff done too :slight_smile:

(Hannah Tucker) #30

I really really want an SLMS village to happen!

(Tom Lynch) #31

I’ve created a group for all @emf goers to kinda help us plan things, please add yourself:

(Hannah Tucker) #32


(Kylie Judd) #33

shall we archive off the 2016 threads and start some new ones?

(Dermot Jones) #34

I’ve archived a few old threads – not done that before, so let’s see what effect it has

Any you find just let me know

(Rich Maynard) #35

Mostly it just seems to have flagged them as ‘Suggested Topics’ for me…

(Dermot Jones) #36

Let’s see if they drop off that

(electrotech) #37

would it be weird if we made our own badge in time for emf?

(Dermot Jones) #38

It would be weird if it worked…

(Tom Lynch) #39

What kind of thing would it be?

(Dermot Jones) #40