Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(electrotech) #103

I could pick you up from a charge location and bring you to and from the camp ? I assume it’ll take several hours to charge ?

(Dermot Jones) #104

Looks like there’s still tickets left…if you can entice someone else to come

(Tom Lynch) #105

@emf we are having massive issues defending or village space because we are all volunteering and the people arriving now have ripped up our hazard marking tape and encroached.

(Dermot Jones) #106

That’s a shame. What can be done?

(Dermot Jones) #107

@KylieJudd is there a table I’m meant to be collecting from the Space?

(Andrea Campanella) #108

Nothing , I guess , @unknowndomain , thanks for the effort , I’m sure you can use the fact that you are volunteering as a laverage with the organisers to free our village…

(Hannah Tucker) #109

Is it muddy at the camp, does anyone know?
@Dermot, we still have that table, we could probably pop it in the van?

(Dermot Jones) #110

I was wondering about that…

(Hannah Tucker) #111

Ok. I’ll see if the table fits in the van. Worst case scenario I guess is that we bring it and it doesn’t get used. I checked amazon and I can’t return it anyway, so I’m stuck with it :slight_smile:

(Kylie Judd) #112

sorry been shepherding vehicles in and out all evening.
Yes there is in the snug, directly to the left. its folded up ontop of another table.

(Gordon Endersby) #113

Ive already loaded a 6ft heavy folding table into the land rover for the village.
Ill be there just after 11.00am hopefully.

(Andreas Varotsis) #114

I’ll probably arrive around 11ish (assuming no train kerfuffles) - let me know if anything needs bringing, as long as its hand carry-able :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #115

I couldn’t locate it…I was pretty frazzled…sorry

Looks like @tala703’s table might be needed…

I’ve got a round garden table too, plus the giant lazy Susan…as I thought it would be fun

(Dermot Jones) #116

How’s it going?

(Kylie Judd) #117

tired I’ve seen Tom about a few times, sitting in my tent trying to get my raspberry pi on the network for my selfie mirror installation.
when you get here you wont be able to drive to the camp site so bring a trolley or message on telegram for helpers.

(Tom Lynch) #118

No it is not muddy but it is dew(ey) in the mornings. The site is quite hilly so be prepared for a permenant lean after sleeping in on a hill tent.

(electrotech) #119

Adam and I have arrived and about to nap in the car . #didnotcrash

(Dermot Jones) #120

Nice driving!

(Dermot Jones) #121

I have two extra tents…one is very very compact

(Kylie Judd) #122

its quite cold in the evenings a hot water bottle helped :slight_smile:
my sleeping bag says comfort at 2 degrees which might be a marketing ploy.