Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(Kylie Judd) #1

Before we meet this week it might be good to throw some ideas down here.


Feel free to edit this wiki page, if the idea gains traction we can split it off into another conversation.


  • ‘build an X’, this might require a few people to run, equipment plus seating.
    Looks into solar panel project - @Dermot

  • board game night

  • something to do with neopixels in the space. - could be a group activity for the months leading up to the event.

Camp ideas

Confirmed available equipment

  • Hot water urn - @Dermot
  • hot plate
  • water storage - @Dermot to bring 20L drinking water tank
  • table - needed resurfacing
  • trolley - @frasco
  • flag pole - @frasco
  • gazebo w. walls - @tomnewsom - @Dermot has it
  • makerspace flag - to go with someone who’s driving

Handy to have equipment

  • fridge
  • canopy


  • free tea / coffee - @arranged by @KylieJudd, @Dermot transporting,
  • Free breakfast/s - cereals, pancakes. - @arranged by @KylieJudd, @Dermot transporting,
  • spare cutlery/crockery/washing up gear - @Dermot has sourced

look into expanding our camp to include smaller groups such as build brighton
@Dermot @unknowndomain


Agree’d a van or large car would be handy to transport equipment.

Enterprise Sydenham look to have the following
price based on thursday midday - tuesday midday

Renault Kangoo 3.2m³ - 2 seat - £142
Vauxhall Vivaro 5.9m³ - 3 seat - £157
Renault Master 11.3m³ - 3 seat - £159

Due to costs @Dermot decided to take the ElectricVanMan van…and have a few hours break to charge on the way! So no hire van needed

(Rich Maynard) #2

You could borrow my Arduino powered pizza oven.

(RobertL) #3

Sounds cool. Is that a smart oven?

(Rich Maynard) #4

Smarter than the average…

It’s just a wood burning pizza oven with an esp8266 that measures the oven temp with a thermocouple and switches a couple of 5v fans to increase the airflow into the combustion chamber if the temperature drops.

It came to the Makerspace a couple of years back for the Arduino day. Or was it last year?

(Kylie Judd) #6

also maybe we could combine villages like we did last year with build brighton if they have members going.

(RobertL) #7

One day the whole world will be a makerspace village. It’s normal practice in some parts I’m told

(Kylie Judd) #8

@emf I’ve updated the top wiki post to reflect the meeting from last night with, Myself, Tom, Dermot, Frank and Andrea.

(Arthur Guy) #9

I am still a member of Build Brighton and will be coming along with a handful of members from there.
I don’t think we have any desire to start a camp so joining forces sounds like a good idea

(Tom Lynch) #10

@sarahbarber @andreas_varotsis ?

(Sarah Barber) #11

Hi Tom

I’m planning on coming if I can. I don’t have a ticket yet but Em O’Sullivan from BuildBrighton may have a spare one for me. I reckon she will be up for joining us like last year, I’ll message her :slight_smile:

(Sarah Barber) #12

Excellent! I’ve been asked to bend your ear about Crunch labs apps… haha j/k :wink:

(Arthur Guy) #13

Thats a service that really shouldn’t be running any more!

(Kylie Judd) #14

I’ve updated the pricing for transport based on the what the sydenham Enterprise has available for that weekend.

(Dermot Jones) #15

I’ve decided to drive down. it will make it a long drive as I’ll need to stop and charge for a few hours on the way

However this means I can take a van full of gear: stuff for the village, and if space some members luggage to avoid hauling it on the train

On village ideas…

  • shall we do some live music? This was a great success at the Summer BBQ @Howard, what do you think? That’s if you’re coming

  • I’m bringing the gear to build an “Interactive DIY solar sculpture”…which we’ll host in the village, and run a few sessions where festival goers ‘grow’ the sculpture over the weekend by adding more panels and LEDs…that’s the simple version, let’s talk about what’s realistic to achieve

(Tom Newsom) #16

If you still want my gazebo, you’ll need to pick it up tonight, tomorrow night or sometime 18th-22nd August.

(Kylie Judd) #17

I’ll try and get down to the space this weekend and find the tables, I think we decided there were some tables in the snug which might need some TLC.

Also we should start a shopping list to support our free breakfasts.

  • cereals
  • soy milk / milk powder (assuming no fridge)
  • bowls/cups/spoons
  • coffee
  • tea
  • sugar
  • biscuits

(Sarah Barber) #18

Hi everyone, I’m definitely coming now, just heard from Em that her talk has been accepted and I’m getting one of her tickets. Will have a think about how I can contribute. What time are people arriving at on the Friday? I don’t yet have a login to the website, gotta speak to Em :slight_smile:

(Kylie Judd) #19

I am arriving at Ledbury station at 16:57 on the thursday. The site opens at 4pm on Thursday but the shuttles don’t start till friday :frowning:

(Kylie Judd) #20

I’ve pulled out a table from the snug and washed it down. It has a fairly good top on it and shouldnt need re surfacing. I’ve stored it in the snug on the left folded up on top of another table.
The other table isn’t in as good condition (prob good enough) it will require moving the boat how ever to get it out.

(Dermot Jones) #21

Another deadline looms… we’ve till Sunday night to book straw bales…