Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(Kylie Judd) #22

Hmm at £3 each building a castle is going to be pricey

but yeah I think we should get some, handy for seats etc.

(Kylie Judd) #23

We should decide where to place our village


(Dermot Jones) #24

@tala703 here’s village talk

As Kyle says we should stake out a claim for our village!

EDIT: this doesn’t mean much in practice as the only way of reserving a space was by booking a tent…which it’s too late to do

Worth looking at the map anyhow, and doesn’t hurt to choose a dream spot

(Hannah Tucker) #25

Did no one book a tent then? Would a village involve coordinating tent spots to camp together? Or just to have a ‘main tent’?

(Tom Lynch) #26

We will have a tent of sorts from Tom Newsom

(electrotech) #27

I can spare a pair of underpants if it helps the tent situation?

(Dermot Jones) #28

Yes having an area we camp around

We’ll borrow the gazebo off @tomnewsom, and I can also get hold of one

Previously the gazebo worked well as a hub

But we’ll also need some workshop area due to my proposal for ‘an emergent interactive solar powered sculpture’ being accepted…more on that later

(Mark Johnson) #29

Ooh a marquee!

(Hannah Tucker) #30

Okay great, I was looking to secure a spot, do you want to do that @Dermot? I was having some difficulty when I tried so I emailed them and will probably hear back at some point. The URL with instructions is here: https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Villages

(Dermot Jones) #31

I tried quickly and had the wrong login details…will get to it later

(Hannah Tucker) #32

Okay!! Also, we totally need a bunch of hay bales :smiley:
Link: https://www.emfcamp.org/tickets/bales
@emuboy, we should get at least two!

(since we don’t have camping chairs… Although let’s hope it doesn’t rain :sweat_smile:)

(Andrea Campanella) #33

We got foldable chairs , orange , 4 of them.

(Hannah Tucker) #34

I got two hay bales @emuboy :wink: :kissing_heart: , we can take the chairs too, but hay bales will be fun :slight_smile:

(Andreas Varotsis) #35

Does anyone have strong opinions on the village location…? I’m quite liking the look of “camping F” as it’s right near the middle.

(Dermot Jones) #36


10 bales? £30

I’ll bung in £10

(Kylie Judd) #37

do it!

(Dermot Jones) #38

I’ve booked and paid for 7 bales, totalling £21…

Felt like reasonable number of bales and wasn’t too much financial exposure

(Tom Newsom) #39

That’s tonight or tomorow night. Use it or lose it!

(Dermot Jones) #40

I’ll swing by tonight…after helping out with the setup for the 3d scan

(Tom Newsom) #41

Cool :slight_smile: I’ll be in all evening