Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(Kylie Judd) #42

@Dermot I am happy to order the tea/coffee/cereal/milks etc
If you are happy to take this in your van I can order it online and get it delivered to your house at a scheduled time/date.
Do we have a budget in mind.

(Dermot Jones) #43

Good idea, I’ll DM you my address

Budget…depends how far we go. Tea etc is cheap…cereals…and what about hot food? £30 to £50 cover it?

We talked about 'borrowing the hot plate from the kitchen, but that’s not really on. However: they’re very cheap if we want to cook…but then we’ll need pots and pans…and cutlery/crockery

I’m bringing a 20L water tank, and some smaller ones too

EDIT: I’m probably not going to be in that much between now and EMF, so delivery might be tricky, unless in the evening…but a shopping list would be invaluable otherwise

(Kylie Judd) #44

I will be bringing my gas camping cooker with pot so I can do oats for the breakfasts.

according to the serving sizes we should have roughly 140 servings of cereals.

3 x Sainsbury’s Custard Creams 200g
3 x Sainsbury’s Shortcake 200g
3 x Sainsbury’s Ginger Snaps 200g
1 x Sainsbury’s White Granulated Sugar 1kg
1 x Sainsbury’s Gold Roast Instant Coffee 200g
1 x Yorkshire Everyday Tea Bags x240

5 x Sainsbury’s Home White Paper Bowl Strong x25
5 x Alpro Oat UHT Drink 1L
5 x Sainsbury’s Unsweetened Soya Drink 1L
2 x Sainsbury’s Rice Pops 375g
1 x Sainsbury’s Granola, Raisin, Nut & Honey 1kg
1 x Sainsbury’s Corn Flakes Cereal 750g
1 x Sainsbury’s Wholewheat Biscuits Cereal x48 860g
1 x Sainsbury’s Scottish Porridge Oats 1.5kg
1 x Sainsbury’s Fruit, Nut & Seed Muesli Cereal 1.5kg

Sound ok?

£43.15 plus delivery

I will stop by nesbits catering near work for cups and spoons as sainsburys and tesco don’t seem offer paper cups at a reasonable price. I will drop them off at the space over the long weekend if you’re ok to pick them up @Dermot

(Dermot Jones) #45

I’ll clear out some really useful boxes for storage

(Kylie Judd) #46

Ordered and it should be with you tomorrow.

(Andrea Campanella) #47

We got a small fridge if refrigeration is needed during the event , I think is about 40l and is very good

(Dermot Jones) #48

The South London EMF Breakfast Club! In a box

(Dermot Jones) #49

@emf @sarahbarber I’ve updated the Wiki at the top to reflect a few things

If everyone has a look to see what’s forgotten…remember to bring a mug, bowl, and spoon! Although I’ve bought a few, and we have disposalbles too, just in case

Already had a Twitter comment of someone bringing some goodies to add to the feast – so the breakfast club could be fun…

(electrotech) #50

You all rock.

(Dermot Jones) #51

Check out what I’ve promised EMF…

(Dermot Jones) #52

Looks like @KylieJudd @sarahbarber are arriving on Thursday…

Makes sense for early birds to stake a claim on our village, even if you don’t lay the whole thing out

We’ll need tent pitches for most of the members of @emf except @tala703 and @emuboy (?), Plus a few extras for @sarahbarber, Lucas, Em Sullivan…and anyone else who wants to join our merry camp

@andreas_varotsis you’re coming?

(Tom Lynch) #53

I will be there from Wednesday afternoon. Not sure what I can bring tho that would steak out an area.

(Kylie Judd) #54

Looks like our village is next to holistic howlers so I wouldn’t recommend stake out the village with steaks…

Also I hope howling follows a reasonable hours policy :slight_smile:

(Dermot Jones) #55

That’s just a map…we can have our village anywhere…our experience was that people completely ignored the map I the past…not sure of the etiquette though

(Dermot Jones) #56

I have a load of small red flags…

(Gordon Endersby) #57

I have a ticket now.
Ill be camping in the quiet or accessible area but Im driving down in my long wheelbase land rover so can bring extra kit from home(Trowbridge). Sorry cant pick anything up from the arch on the way.
Ill be there before midday on Friday.

Let me know if any of this would be useful and ill bring it along on top of my own camping/activity gear.

Large folding table. 6ft long heavy duty. ********Requested by KylieJudd
Small folding camp dining table and 4 folding chairs.
Camp fridge, Gas powered approx 30 litres. Including gas.
Camp stove, 2 burner including gas.
Camp cooker kitchen stand/cupboard.
Are we short of any other camping kit?

Soldering station, hot air rework, electronics stuff, tools, scope.
Assortment of arduino, esp8266, raspi and other components. Passives, led displays and sensors.
Is there anything like this we need?
Couple of extra solar panels for the village installation, 1 small car top up type, 1 larger I think 20w. Will want them back. so cant be cut up.

Is it worth bringing along a 3d printer with UPS ? *********possibly requested KylieJudd
Maybe cad up a badge case, release the design and print it?

At the extreme end. If theres a call for, it I can bring along a woodturning lathe, chucks, accessories, tools and some wood. This is a full size hobby lathe with rotating head. Im learning to use it myself.
I dont have a perspex shield to protect spectators but can bring it along, for any of our lot to play with and approved others, in a suitable location. I have a gazebo we can put over it and rig up side walls.

Although not 3d printer and lathe together. One or the other.


(Dermot Jones) #58

Sounds brilliant! I believe @frasco is bringing a trolley?

(Dermot Jones) #59

Plus space for

  • breakfast club/communal area
  • Solar sculpture - prominent site, with long sightlines?
  • workshop space for working on sculpture?

(Gordon Endersby) #60

I wont bring any of that lot unless theres a call for it.
So just let me know whats needed before Thursday evening when i load up.

(Kylie Judd) #61

maybe the folding table this way we can have a food/drink table that seperate to the work tables.
We have a large hot water urm I think @Dermot is bringing it.
We aren’t offering hot breakfast except porridge which we can use the urn plus a small stove.
@emuboy is bringing a fridge in his camper. Unless we want extra beer storage :slight_smile:

Is it worth bringing along a 3d printer with UPS ?
Maybe cad up a badge case, release the design and print it?

I love this idea.