Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(Dermot Jones) #62

Re: hot breakfast. I’m bringing an electric hob…so if anyone decided to get on the pancakes (for example), we’d just need a pan and spatula…plus the ingredients…

(Hannah Tucker) #63

We also have a hob in the camper (not that I’m 100% committing to making people pancakes :yum:) it could be good if the village were near our campervan, or vice versa!

(Andreas Varotsis) #64

I’m of course coming :slight_smile: taking the train so carrying capacity is restricted, but happy to bring whatever I can carry that’s needed!

(Gordon Endersby) #65

Amongst our camping gear is a full cook set. Pots pans, frying, spatulas. etc.
Most of it fits in one crate. Was originally put together for a family of four but it will go further.
Not so many plates and cutlery. But usually people can bring a plate, bowl, drinking vessel, Knife, fork, spoon, teas spoon and mug.

Ive also still got the small folding aluminium tables I used to bring along when we had open evenings in the empty arch before we had a floor. They take no space so ill throw those in the landy anyway.

We are long term comfort campers and my wife was a cub leader.
So weve grown quite a collection.

(Gordon Endersby) #66

Ive also been playing with the generic QI charging bits and pieces with a badgy.
Just plugs into usb or could be hard wired.
We could make the camp badge wireless charging.

(Tom Lynch) #67

In the past we’ve usually parked ourselves between the quiet zone and non quiet zone, so maybe we should move? That said I don’t wanna move my tent once it’s setup so can people decide where they wanna be?

(electrotech) #68

I ain’t even got myself a tent yet. So lazy !

Tom can anyone turn up tomorrow like you are or no?

(Dermot Jones) #69

No, Thursday from 4 pm is earliest, unless you are already part of the build team

(Tom Lynch) #70

No I am going early because I am helping Stephen build the bar up, otherwise as Dermot says Thursday 4pm.

That said there may be help needed so post on IRC.

(Pete Hellyer) #71

@Esther_Gladstone and I will be firing up the bbq on Saturday night, so if you’re at a lose end, bring barbequeable items and the boozeohol and come barbecue with us.

(Tom Lynch) #72

Folks possibly (@andreas_varotsis).

We’re gonna need to move our map pin on the website because we’re currently camping in the camping vehicles section.

I’ve moved out location further up area G, opposite our friends at London Hackspace, in reality there is a river between us, and now there is a footpath at EMF…

The main benefit is we’re super near (<15meters) to a DK so power and internet cables don’t have to be mega long, before we were 35 meters away which most extension leads don’t reach.

If folks object we can move again, but I think this is better, so can who ever put the original pin up delete it?

(adamjpage) #73

I detect an undertone of Morris wanting some encouragement.

Morris, you will have fun if you sort yourself out.

Or don’t, it’s your choice.

I see there are currently some EMF tickets on sale from the website.

(Dermot Jones) #74

need a caravan power cable for the workshop linky

(Dermot Jones) #75

Some electronics stuff…would compliment the Solar Sculpture installation

(Kylie Judd) #76

good point we will need some long power extensions and some power boards. Maybe a network switch?
Unfortunatly I don’t have any of these things.

(Dermot Jones) #77

I’ll have some long extension, both 13amp I think

(Tom Lynch) #78

I’ll bring a switch and ethernet cable to Makerspace if Dermot can bring it, it will be a gigabit switch with power adapter, and 4 x 5M cables and 1x 30M cable, all CAT6

(Tom Lynch) #79

@dermot the box is on the table.

(Dermot Jones) #80

Re: SLMS Breakfast Club and Free Tea/Coffee…if someone was idling their time it would be nice to have some A4 printouts…we can laminate them and stick them out…last time we spent too long explaining that it was all free…donations of conversation, biscuits, cake welcome, but not expected

(Tom Lynch) #81

Makerspace has landed: