Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(Tom Lynch) #82

Anyone able to grab me 4x D cells. Will pay you back.

(Tom Lynch) #83

Also folks. It’s cold over night here. Pack for cold weather.

(adamjpage) #84

Will this do? Prints out well on the large lexmark in the arch. (I’m not looking at telegram right now).

(Dermot Jones) #86

Great go for it

We don’t know if we’re doing pancakes, but let’s try!

Being picky…there could do with a space before ‘pancakes’, but it’s no deal breaker

(adamjpage) #87

Sign edited, four laminated copies in a cardboard box by the table, along with some other things you wanted.

(Dermot Jones) #88


I’ll be swinging by later to load up

(Gordon Endersby) #89

Solar instalation thingy project.

Are there any coders going with SLMS?
I’ve got a pijuice shield with lipo that is a ups that can power a raspberry pi from solar.
Could add some smarts to the instalation project.

I was thinking of detection of wifi clients, phones(has the camp badge got wifi) and maybe reacting or displaying something.

Also AP mode on an esp8266 can be used as a wifi client sniffer and get info about the client. Even listen in when that client searches for wifi access points it’s accessed before.
We could flash lights, wave flags or display metrics based on what we can sniff out.

If we have other programmers in the team it would be quicker than relying on just my failing brain.

(Dermot Jones) #90

Plenty of coders

(Stuart) #91

Amazing!! I’m can’t wait to arrive tomorrow. My train gets in around midday.

(Kylie Judd) #92

Got em

(Dermot Jones) #93


The prompt for the installation looks like being ‘bio-mimicry’, this is to give a direction to the build…there are many instances in nature where sniffing is used…and often looking for particular signals

(Hannah Tucker) #94

Hello! So, I accidentally ordered a 6ft heavy duty 13kg fold up table. 92cm folded (in half, fairly portable) and 1.8cm unfolded… I could probably bring it if it will be useful, does anyone want it, in general, or for the camp?? I am having problems with my spacial awareness recently :laughing:

it’s this table by the way: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01LXA5APM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

(Hannah Tucker) #95

It was me randomly dropping the SLMS pin on the map, I thought I should grab a space “just in case”, I have updated now… Let me know if I should just delete it @unknowndomain!! The road to hell is paved with good intentions… :worried:

I just re-read the “delete” instructions!! I shall go ahead and do that! Sorry!

(Dermot Jones) #96

I think it was a good idea! But like pinning the tail on a donkey, without being able to see the place…

(Dermot Jones) #97

Excellent tables…I just don’t think that we need any more for the Space

(Dermot Jones) #98

I’m loading up this afternoon – will be collecting from the Space at about 5:30, and foraging for build materials for the Solar Sculpture…any suggestions welcome, the theme is ‘biomimicry…we’ve done trees twice though’

We’d like the thing to rise up from the ground and be structurally self-supporting

Thinking of:

  • led strips
  • mains cable - to strip and use structurally/electrically
  • wool?
  • timber offcuts?

Any suggestions of stuff lying around…perhaps snugged?

EDIT: I can also bring the long gazebo we’ve used at previous events, if it will be useful?

(electrotech) #99

I’m considering the hire of a car and heading up tonight.

Anyone wanna ride?

I haven’t driven in a long time but I’m up for a laugh. :blush:

(Dermot Jones) #100

can you tow an electric van?

(electrotech) #101

I can drive past while you’re recharging and wave if you like.

(electrotech) #102

Joking aside it’s already going to be towing me. Sorry.