Emf 2018 - village ideas thread

(electrotech) #123

Adam and I wanna come in but no one Manning entrance

(Kylie Judd) #124

I’m in the volunteer kitchen and volunteers are just starting to come in so you might be waiting a while

(Dermot Jones) #125

Just arrived at Oxford park and ride…all that gear has hammered the fuel economy… only just made 62 miles…so parked up for a full charge…I may be some time…

(electrotech) #126

Where is slms village we can’t fathom

(Dermot Jones) #127

It’s on the EMF WiKi

Near the bar tent and blacksmiths, and with a pride flag

@KylieJudd @sarahbarber @unknowndomain are all on site

(electrotech) #128

Thanks muchly
I couldn’t find it on the wiki when I looked doh

(Dermot Jones) #129

I’m a little light on tent pegs…one of the tents has none…but at one point I had an extra pack…who knows if they went in the van…

(electrotech) #130


(electrotech) #131

If this is referring to loaner tent I can just sleep in the car so no stress man . You organised a f ton of stuff

(Dermot Jones) #132

Has Adam got a tent?

(electrotech) #133


(Dermot Jones) #134

Then we’ll be fine

(Gordon Endersby) #135

I have spare pegs if needed.
I’m onsite. Now in opening ceremony.
Will come to slms village after.

See you in a while.

(Gordon Endersby) #136

Anybody need to get power.
Might have some left here.

(adamjpage) #137

There is a bag and a main extension reel in the space for the relevant people to collect.